How to Draw a Boy

how to draw a boy

In this very simple eleven-stage instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a boy. This instruction will be a great addition to articles about a baby and a man.

This instruction, like others on, will be really simple, and even the most inexperienced artist will be able to learn how to draw a boy.


Step 1

Like articles about adults, the instruction on how to draw a boy begins with depicting a skeleton. The head, chest, and pelvis are depicted as ovals, the spine, and limbs in the form of simple lines.

how to draw a boy step by step

Step 2

Now create two lines intersecting in the center of the face oval. After that, create a neck in the form of a short oval that connects the head with the chest. Next, connect the chest and pelvis to form a torso.

how to draw a boy standing

Step 3

Now let’s portray the upper limbs. Using cylinders, depict upper arms and forearms. Next, use balls to create the shoulder and elbow joints. Do not forget to depict the hands.

how to draw a boy body easy

Step 4

Now we will do the same, but with the lower body. Using thicker cylinders, depict the thighs and shins, and using two balls, depict the knees. Complete stage four by depicting the feet.

how to draw a boy boy pencil sketch

Step 5

Using the lines we created in the second stage, create the eyes of the boy. Then, with their help, depict a small nose and mouth. Complete the fifth stage portraying the eyebrows.

how to draw a boy cute

Step 6

Now depict the ears on the sides of the head, as in the example from the artists of After that, go to the very top and depict the boy’s slightly tousled hairstyle.

how to draw a boy cartoon character

Step 7

Let’s now finish drawing the torso of the boy. Carefully trace the torso and create a T-shirt that covers not only the torso but also the upper part of the arms.

how to draw a boy draw so cute

Step 8

Now let’s finish depicting the arms themselves, tracing them with smoother lines. In the same stage, depict the fingers and hands as a whole.

how to draw a boy drawing

Step 9

Now we pass to the lower body, depicting the jeans in smooth lines. After that, add pleats at the knees and at the bottom of the jeans. At the same stage, depict the sneakers.

how to draw a boy easy and cute

Step 10

To make the boy drawing clean and beautiful, use an eraser. After that, trace the necessary lines with a darker pencil or ink.

how to draw a good boy

Step 11

To paint the boy, you can use any color. It can be either a palette presented by the artists of and any other colors for the body and clothes.

how to draw a boy

So, the instruction on how to draw a boy smoothly approached the afterword. The team of is very glad that you read everything up to these words. Now write to us your opinion about this instruction and about as a whole, because we not only read your comments but also respond to many of them.

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