How to Draw Baymax

How to Draw Baymax

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Baymax.

Who is Baymax? In order to answer this question, let’s remember the cartoon “City of Heroes”. There was an inflatable medical robot there, and so his name was Baymax.  With a built-in scanner, he can measure body temperature and pressure, assess the level of pain, and cure almost any ailment.


How to Draw Baymax

Step 1 – Sketch the Contours of the Torso

So let’s start this guide on how to draw Baymax. This character looks like a big stuffed toy, that’s how we’ll draw it. It has soft and rounded shapes, it looks bulky, but at the same time, it is always ready to turn on super speed. This is why this guy is on the superhero team. So, draw an oval and round it so that it narrows at the top and looks like an egg.
how to draw baymax easy

Step 2 – Sketch Baymax’s Head

Yes, our character looks like a toy that you can wrinkle with your hands, but in the cartoon, Baymax was a robot. In his image, American and Japanese cultures are mixed, so our robot should turn out to be peculiar. Let’s draw another oval on top of the oval from the previous step. This is Baymax’s head. It is small and seems a little flattened. The robot’s eyes are two bold dots, with a line drawn between them. Perhaps this is such a clever antenna?

how to draw baymax from big hero 6

Step 3 – Draw Baymax’s Hands

Baymax’s arms are large and rounded, just like his body. Draw two oval shapes on both sides and attach them to the torso. You can imagine that this robot is sad and drooping, but do not think so. Baymax simply combines Eastern philosophical sadness and Western self-esteem.

how to draw baymax from big hero six

Step 4 – Draw Baymax’s Legs

The legs of our robot are the same rounded shapes. Now our drawing looks like an image of some cartoon bear. So sketch out the legs in the shape of a loto keg. As you can see, our character has short but strong legs.

how to draw baymax cute

Step 5 – Sketch Baymax’s Palms

Baymax’s fingers are like levers. Draw three lever fingers and place them in a circle. A robot can perform many manipulations using such a mechanism. Try to draw Baymax’s fingers short but voluminous.

how to draw baymax step by step

Step 6 – Sketch Baymax’s Details

Let’s draw a corporate logo. The author should have imprinted something like a signature on the robot or left a warning. Perhaps this logo indicates something important. Draw a circle on the right side of the chest. Inside the circle, there is a pattern similar to a house.

how to draw a cute baymax

Step 7 Color Baymax

How quickly our lesson came to an end! We didn’t even have time to discuss the backstory of our character, as is usually the case in our mini-tutorials. It’s time for us to release our Baymax to the fictional metropolis of San Francisco. Don’t forget to color your art. Take a dark lavender, mix it with gray, fill all the main areas of the robot with the resulting color mixture.

How to Draw Baymax

We are sure you have wonderful art. We took into account all your wishes and prepared step-by-step drawing tutorials for a wide variety of comics and videogames. And we hope you found this guide helpful. We are looking forward to your feedback because it helps us to become better!

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