How to Draw John Cena

 simple john cena for beginners

We are glad to bring to your attention a lesson on how to draw John Cena. This instruction will be interesting and useful for an artist of any level.

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If you like to draw portraits of famous people, then you will like this lesson, because now you will learn how to draw John Cena step by step. He is an American actor, professional wrestler and songwriter.

In this lesson you will draw the upper body of the athlete. Here John Cena is holding the belt he won in the duel and has a cap on his head.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw John Cena

  1. Prepare the base.

    Draw the head in the shape of an oval and draw the upper body in the shape of a trapezoid. Do not forget that at this stage all lines should be to draw john cena easy

  2. Designate the location of the hands.

    Outline the arms with several cylindrical shapes. Draw the places of the folds in the form of to draw john cena cartoon

  3. Depict the neck.

    Add straight lines from the head to represent the neck and add diagonal lines at the bottom to represent the upper parts of the to draw john cena realistic

  4. Sketch out the outline of the belt.

    On the right side of the body, start drawing the outline of the belt, using straight and curved lines.john cena drawing lesson

  5. Draw the hand.

    Depict the hand with which the athlete holds the belt. At this stage, use thin lines with which you will indicate the position of the all fingers.john cena drawing tutorial

  6. Start detailing the head.

    Mark the oval of the face, draw the outer and inner contours of the ears on the sides, depict the cap on the head using smooth curved lines.john cena drawing guide

  7. Add facial features.

    Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth. Add creases on the eyelids and near the corners of the mouth. Observe all proportions and try to correctly position the elements of the face. Outline the neck.simple john cena drawing

  8. Detail the belt.

    Outline the belt. Draw the emblem on the front of the belt using zigzag lines and add all the other outlines in sequence.easy john cena drawing

  9. Draw the contours of the body.

    With the help of smooth lines depict the thoracic region and the lateral part of the torso. Be careful and consider all anatomical features.cartoon john cena drawing

  10. Detail the arms.

    Focus on the lines that you drew earlier and circle the arms along the contour, giving them the desired shape. Draw the wide bracelet and the bandage on the to draw john cena for kids

  11. Outline the hand along the contour.

    Use the lines you drew in the previous steps as a guide and trace the outline of the hand. Add the to draw john cena for beginners

  12. Correct inaccuracies.

    Compare the drawing with our example and if you notice any mistakes, correct them at this stage. Take the eraser and carefully remove all the extra lines in the drawing.realistic john cena drawing

  13. Color the drawing.

    Paint the skin beige. Color the eyes and eyebrows light brown. To color the rest of the elements, you will need light gray, burgundy and blue.simple john cena for beginners

If you were careful at every stage of drawing, then you should get a great drawing. Share your opinion in the comments, we are always attentive to your feedback. Follow us on social networks to keep up with the latest news.

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