How to Draw an Otter

how to draw an otter

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw an otter. This is a very cute and funny animal that swims well and moves very quickly on land. You have probably noticed this little dexterous predator if you have visited forests or lakes.


How to Draw an Otter

Step 1 – Sketch the Basics

Firstly, draw three rounded shapes. The largest figure is located at the back. It looks like an upside-down snowman, in fact. Don’t try to draw perfectly flat and symmetrical shapes.

how to draw an otter step by step

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs and Spine

Secondly, create a posture for your otter. To do this, draw a line from the head, past the chest to the pelvis, and then turn it into a tail. Four small lines protrude from the chest and pelvis, becoming limbs.

how to draw an otter easy and cute

Step 3 – Draw the Front of the Muzzle

Draw the muzzle on the left side of the head. At the moment, it may seem to you that the image is a rat, however, no, it is still an otter. Show with a dash where the otter’s mouth is.

how to draw a otter step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Eyes and Nose of the Otter

Start detailing the head. Draw the outlines of the ear, which look like two semicircles of different sizes. After that sketch out the nose and mouth using small ovals.

how to draw an otter step by step easy

Step 5 – Draw the Front Legs of the Otter

Draw the outlines of the otter’s short, strong front legs. Draw a gradual taper downward. Use the lines from the second step as a guide.

how to draw sea otter step by step

Step 6 – Draw the Toes of the Front Legs

So, add four toes to the front legs, and finish off with sharp claws. By the way, otter claws are quite large and dangerous – sharpen them properly.

how to draw a cute cartoon otter

Step 7 – Draw the Hind Leg

Draw even larger and more massive hind legs. These limbs are as wide as possible in the area of connection with the body of our animal.

how to draw a simple cartoon otter

Step 8 – Draw the Toes of the Hind Legs

We are approaching the end of this guide on how to draw an otter. So, sketch out the outlines of the long, elongated hind paws with pointed claws.

how to draw a picture of otter

Step 9 – Erase the Guidelines

At this step, you need to delete all auxiliary lines from your otter sketch and leave the only final contrast outlines of the art without unnecessary guidelines.

otter drawing easy

Step 10 – Color the Otter Drawing

Use brown as your base color. A darker shade of this color is a great choice for painting small shadows. A white highlight inside the eye contour will make your drawing look more vivid and realistic.

how to draw an otter easy

Great job, this is a real otter. Your result is quite worthy to be in the gallery of vivid drawings. Take a closer look at the otter and tell me what your animal looks like – an otter or a ferret? In any case, we praise you for the result. Write us if you have great ideas for future drawings!

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