How to draw a Monster

how to draw a monster

In this super simple instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a monster quickly and easily. In this actually collective instruction, you will learn everything that you will need to draw a monster.


Step 1

Drawing a monster is not much different from the process of portraying a human, only the details will differ. We begin the creation of the body of a monster with its skeleton. It is simple, consists of simple circles, ovals and lines.

how to draw a monster step by step

Step 2

In the front of the head, depict a long animal face. Further, using fairly rough and loose lines, depict a powerful torso. Make the waist narrow and the shoulders wide.

how to draw a monster easy

Step 3

Now depict huge and creepy arms with powerful hands. The arms should be long like the arms of a gorilla or other large beast.

how to draw a basic monster

Step 4

Now let’s portray the legs. They should be slightly smaller than the arms so that they give our monster a more animal and wild look.

how to draw a monster cartoon

Step 5

Let’s get down to the details now. Depict an animal mouth studded with teeth, no less animal eyes and a nose similar to a wolf’s nose.

how to draw a cute monster easy

Step 6

Draw whiskers on the sides of the head, making the outlines of the head more animalistic. At the top, depict long and pointed ears.

monster drawings

Step 7

Now, using a large number of short lines, depict the woolen outlines of the torso, not forgetting to depict the muscles on it. At this point, the monster drawing should look something like this.

monster drawing easy

Step 8

So, we continue to draw a monster. Using the same short strokes, depict woolen arms with long fingers with sharp animal claws.

monster drawings scary

Step 9

By smooth lines trace the pants and creepy legs. In the lower part, depict wolf or dog feet, so that the monster drawing looks really like an animal.

monster drawing cartoon

Step 10

To make the monster drawing look cleaner, get rid of the extra lines with an eraser. Using clear movements with a pencil or ink in your hands, trace the entire drawing of the monster.

monster drawing characters

Step 11

Now let’s paint the monster. Firstly paint the eyes in red. Then paint the fur in gray-blue and the pants in gray. You can add shadows to make the monster drawing more voluminous.

how to draw a monster

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