How to Draw Pants

How to Draw pants

The Clothing category on is very popular among our readers, and today we will add to this category a tutorial on how to draw pants. The knowledge from this tutorial will be a great addition to the knowledge from the articles about the cap, jacket, and boots.

Like all the other instructions from the Clothing category, this tut about how to draw pants will be very simple. It is divided into nine stages, all new lines in which are highlighted in red for maximum clarity and simplicity.


Step 1

First, create the contours of the pants. In this stage, it looks like two long vertical lines and one short horizontal.

how to draw pants easy

Step 2

Next, depict the inner edges and the lower edge of the legs. At this point, our sketch looks more like pants drawing, right?

how to draw pants step by step

Step 3

Let’s now start making the pants drawing more realistic. To do this, first of all, expand the outer surface as in the sketch by the artists of

how to draw boy pants

Step 4

Now let’s move on to the top and depict the waist band. Try to repeat this detail as in the example drawn by our artists.

how to draw cartoon pants

Step 5

Use a few very simple lines to create a fly. By the way, this detail is exactly the same both on classic pants and on jeans. Remember to round the bottom of the legs.

how to draw cute pants

Step 6

Now let’s make the pants drawing more detailed and realistic. First, create pockets, then add folds in the groin area and on the fly.

how to draw pants picture

Step 7

Now depict two long vertical crease lines. They should be drawn taking into account the folds on the pants. By the way, do not forget to depict the folds at the bottom.

pants drawing easy

Step 8

Now make the pants drawing clean, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, removing all remaining guidelines. To make it even clearer, trace it with a darker pencil or ink.

pants drawings images

Step 9

So, dear readers of, let’s paint the pants. We painted them in a classic beige color, but you are free to choose the color of the pants to your taste.

How to Draw pants

We very smoothly but confidently got to the last stage of the tutorial on how to draw pants. Write your comments about this tutorial. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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