How to Draw Boots

how to draw boots

At there is a category in which we show how to draw clothes, today this category will be replenished with this instruction on how to draw boots.

Such instructions will be useful to everyone who wants to be able to depict people because, in addition to the body, we also sketch clothes, such as glasses or gloves.


Step 1

Let’s start by creating the base for the boots. To do this, depict two long ovals. They do not have to be perfectly smooth.

how to draw boots easy

Step 2

Now we depict the upper part, which covers the top of the feet and ankles. Lines should not be perfectly smooth or dark at the first stages.

how to draw a pair of boots

Step 3

Take an eraser, or switch to the appropriate brush if you are drawing through the tablet, and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from the boots drawing.

how to draw cartoon boots

Step 4

Now depict the upper edge of the boots and the lacing line. You can exactly repeat the design presented by the artists of or come up with your own design.

Step 5

Go to the bottom of the boots and depict soles. Clearly depict the heels and the line between the shoes and the sole. The sole may be thin or thick.

how to draw winter boots

Step 6

Now draw the lacing and lace holes. You can depict parallel lacing as in our example or cross lacing. You can also depict bows at the top of the lacing.

how to draw boots easy

Step 7

Now, take an eraser again and wipe off all guidelines from the boots drawing. To give the picture more clarity and aesthetics, trace the entire artwork with darker lines or ink.

How to draw boots easy

Step 8

Shoes come in a variety of colors. Paint boots brown, black or any other color. Make the lacing, inner surface and sole darker than the rest of the boots.

how to draw boots

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