How to Draw a Mango

how to draw a mango

Fruits and vegetables are what we love to draw. In the instruction on how to draw mango, we show the most basic principles of drawing this fruit. Using the stages below, you can not only learn how to draw mangoes, but also many other similar fruits, such as peaches or apricots.

So, collect your favorite tools, such as pencils with paper or a graphics tablet. If everything is ready, then let’s start the process of drawing a mango!


Step 1

To begin with, depict the fruit in the form of a large oval, which we depicted in the instruction about a pizza. Do not try to make the lines too dark, because in the future we will have to erase some of them.

how to draw a mango step by step

Step 2

Depict the stalk of the mango in the form of a small cylinder. Next, depict the petiole using two very short and light lines.

how to draw a mango easy

Step 3

Now, using two long and smooth lines, create a mango leaf. Unlike the apple tree leaf, the mango leaf is narrower and longer.

How to draw a mango

Step 4

Now arm yourself with an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your mango drawing. To make the sketch more clear, beautiful, and aesthetic trace the necessary lines, as seen in the image from the artists of

how to draw a beautiful mango

Step 5

To make our mango drawing more realistic, we should depict veins on the sheet. First, depict a longitudinal line in the center of the leaf. Then depict the lines coming from this line to the edges of the leaf.

how to draw a cute mango

Step 6

Now arm yourself with colored pencils, paints, or felt-tip pens to paint the mango. Color the mango fruit in orange or red and the leaf in green. Do not forget to paint the stem brown and make a couple of highlights on the body of the mango.

how to draw a mango

Smoothly but surely, we came to the very end, the afterword of the instruction on how to draw a mango. If this guide is to your taste, then go to the Food category to learn how to draw fruits of any type.

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