How to Draw a Pizza

how to draw a pizza

In this drawing lesson, we will tell you how to draw a pizza. This dish is a brilliant invention of frugal Italian housewives. Pizza is incredibly popular. You can see pizza at the dinner of the usual site owner about drawing lessons or at dinner with Donald Trump. That is why we chose pizza as the theme for this drawing lesson.


Step 1

Firstly we draw something like an oval. This is very similar to the first step in a drawing lesson on how to draw a lemon. This oval should occupy the entire sheet of paper.
how to draw a pizza easy

Step 2

Now draw another oval that should be placed inside the oval from the first step. Try to keep the lines of the two ovals parallel to each other.

how to draw a pizza step by step

Step 3

Everyone ever cut pizza, right? Now we will divide our pizza into six parts using three lines. Pay attention to the lines at the transition to the outer oval.

how to draw a pizza cartoon

Step 4

As you know, there are a huge number of varieties of pizzas with different fillings.For this lesson, we chose pizza with smoked sausage. You can draw pizza with tomatoes or cheese to your taste. So in this step we will draw the contours of the round pieces of sausage.

how to draw a cheese pizza

Step 5

So we continue the lesson on how to draw pizza. And then add slices of green pepper. This is more like a cooking recipe than a drawing lesson, is it?

how to draw a pizza easy steps

Step 6

This will be a very small step, because our pizza is almost drawn. So here we add a little texture in the form of short horizontal lines that are located around the circumference of our pizza.

how to draw a good pizza

Step 7

Now you should make sure that the pizza on your paper matches your plan. Check the shape, number of pieces and parallelism of the ovals from the first two steps.

how to draw an italian pizza

Step 8

Red and yellow are typical colors for pizza. In truth, the appearance of pizza is very much dependent on the filling. If you painted pizza with mushrooms, you should use the appropriate colors. We drew pizza with sausage and green pepper so you can see a combination of red, yellow and green.

how to draw a pizza
How is your pizza? We hope that your pizza turned out to be more beautiful than the pizza in our figure. Do not forget to share with us the results of your work in the comments, this is a great inspiration for us!


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