How to Draw a Lemon

how to draw a lemon

Let’s work with fruits. These are the simplest things you can draw to get a great result. Even if you just picked up a pencil the first time in your life, you can definitely do the lesson on how to draw a lemon.


Step 1

First we draw an oval that is horizontally placed on a piece of paper. This oval has tapered front and rear ends. Do not try to draw an oval perfectly even. There are no perfectly symmetrical fruits in nature.


Step 2

Let’s create something that looks like a lemon outline in this step.To do this, we will draw two ends. One end should be slightly pointed and the other end should be very flat.



Step 3

In this step, we will draw a stalk with the help of which a lemon is attached to a tree branch. This stalk is located on the dull end. Also in this step we will draw a citrus texture. It looks like a few short horizontal lines near the horizontal edges.


Step 4

We have a few extra lines from the previous steps. These are the lines that were useful previously but now they make our lemon incomplete.


Step 5

Now we are adding some colors. If you draw lime you can colorize it with green. In our case, we have a lemon, so we use a bright yellow color.

how to draw a lemon

So we hope you got a beautiful realistic lemon on your paper. We are a young site and are just starting to create content for you, dear readers. Do not forget to share your opinion about our work on our pages in social networks and in the comments directly under the articles.



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