How to Draw a Goldfish

how to draw a goldfish

Today I will tell you about how to draw a goldfish. This is a very unusual and bright animal, which is a character in many ancient legends and tales. The goldfish is also a very popular pet. Also, this is one of the most favorite fish species among aquarium owners.

I have compiled this lesson specifically in such a way that it is convenient even for a novice artist. Just follow the sequence of steps and you will get a great goldfish.

Нow to Draw a Goldfish

Step 1 – Depict the body of the fish

Draw a large oval in the center of your piece of paper. You can give this shape a slight slope like in my sample. Use light strokes that can be erased or corrected later.

how to draw a goldfish step by step

Step 2 – Draw the outlines of the head

Depict the front of the fish. Note the smooth anterior taper and the slight angle that indicates the localization of the mouth. The bottom of this corner is rounded.

how to draw a goldfish easy step by step

Step 3 – Add the outlines of the eye

Draw a large eye that looks like two circles of different sizes. Also add a smooth line that separates the back of the fish’s head from the body.

how to draw a goldfish cartoon

Step 4 – Draw the tail of the fish

And now draw a large tail with symmetrical pointed ends. Please note that the tail should be larger than the head. The back of the tail should have a bumpy, uneven relief.

how to draw a goldfish easy

Step 5 – Depict the large fins

Draw large fins. The upper fin has smoother contours and resembles a hill. The lower fin is more like a regular triangle.

how to draw an easy goldfish

Step 6 – Draw the small fins

Add a few more small fins. The two front fins have a very narrow and elongated shape. The rear fin is larger and rounded.

how to easily draw a goldfish

Step 7 – Detail the fins

In fact, fins are very mobile and flexible organs. Draw lines within each fin to depict the structure of these adaptations.

easy way to draw a goldfish

Step 8 – Add scale outlines

So, we almost complete this drawing guide. Now is a great time to draw the scales of our fish. Note the change in scale density towards the tail.

how to draw a goldfish in steps

Step 9 – Color the goldfish

Erase all unnecessary lines from this beautiful fish. Evaluate the shape of the tail, head, fins and the entire body as a whole. Proceed to the next step if you find no errors.

how to draw pet goldfish

Step 10 – Color the fish

Color your fish. Use any colors of your choice. I decided to match the real appearance of this fish as much as possible and chose a dark orange color.

how to draw a goldfish

Congratulations, you drew a goldfish! Hope you got great results. In case this is not the case, trace the step where you made mistakes and correct it. Do not forget to write in the comments about how useful this tutorial was.

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