How to Draw a Bull

How to Draw a Bull

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a bull step by step. As always, this will be a very simple drawing lesson at the end of which you will get a fairly realistic bull.

Before starting the lesson on how to draw a bull, it should be mentioned that almost all mammals are drawn in about the same way. For example, the process of drawing a bull differs little from the process of portraying a cat or a donkey.

Here we will describe in as much detail as possible all the actions that need to be done to get a beautiful drawing of a bull. We will also give you some tips to help make your bull drawing even more interesting.


How to Draw a Bull

Step 1

Start drawing the bull by sketching three circles. The smallest circle for the head, the largest circle for the chest, and the smaller circle for the pelvis.

how to draw a angry bull

Step 2

Now sketch the neck, spine, and tail with three simple lines. Next, sketch the limbs at the bottom. Very light, almost invisible lines should be used here.

how to draw a bull cow

Step 3

Now let’s get down to the details. Start at the head by sketching the outlines of the muzzle. To check your drawing for mistakes, move away from it from time to time.

how to draw a cute bull

Step 4

Draw a nose at the end of the muzzle. Draw a small eye on the head. By the way, there is another way to check your drawing for mistakes. You can turn it upside down.

how to draw a bull easily

Step 5

Draw the crown of the head with a small arched line. Next, using a long and wavy line, draw the bull’s neck, which smoothly passes into the chest part.

how to draw a good bull

Step 6

Now go back to the bull’s head and draw the horns pointing forward. It is this element that makes our bull recognizable.

how to draw a bull in steps

Step 7

Draw the front legs of the bull as shown in our example. When drawing the legs of the bull, be sure to draw thickenings in the area of the ligaments.

how to draw bull images

Step 8

Now draw the hooves at the bottom of the legs. As you can see it is very simple. Each hoof is made up of literally three simple lines.

steps on how to draw a bull

Step 9

Now draw the belly of the bull with a long line. Note that the torso is thicker in the chest area and narrower in the abdomen and pelvis.

how to draw a bull simple

Step 10

Draw the hind legs. They are drawn in much the same way as the front legs. It is also very important here to correctly draw all the bends and bumps on the legs.

bull drawing easy

Step 11

And again we draw the hooves, but this time on the hind legs. They are exactly the same simple and in the same way, consist of three lines.

bull drawing easy step by step

Step 12

Use a long, curved line to complete drawing the tail. At the tip of the tail, draw a tuft, as shown in the example from the artists of

bull drawing images

Step 13

Set aside the pencil and take an eraser. Carefully erase all the guidelines drawn in the first steps. To make your bull drawing more expressive, outline it with a dark pencil or liner.

bull drawing cartoon

Step 14

We decided to use brown for the skin of the bull, dark brown for the nose and hooves, black for the eyes, and beige for the horns.

How to Draw a Bull

As we said at the very beginning of this article, you can make your drawing of the bull more interesting.

For example, you can try to depict a field, mountains, and trees in the background. This will position the bull in its natural habitat.

You can also use more shadows to give your drawing a more voluminous and realistic look.


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