How to Draw a Cup

How to draw a cup

As the name of our site shows, we show how to draw different objects in the simplest way, and this instruction on how to draw a cup will not be an exception.

For the sake of simplicity, we divided the instruction on drawing a cup into six super-simple stages. So, pick up your favorite painting tools and start the process of creating a new work of art!


Step 1

Let’s start drawing the cup with a simple oval. It should be as even and symmetrical as possible. By the way, exactly with the same oval began our instruction on how to draw a crown.

How to sketch a cup

Step 2

This stage seems very simple, but it has some tricks that we will talk about now. So, in order to correctly draw the side edges of the cup, you can bring the picture to the mirror to see through it all non-matching and inaccuracies in the proportions.

How to depict a cup easy

Step 3

The easiest stage in the instruction on how to draw a cup. Connect the two lines drawn by us in the third stage with a small curved line. Again, use the mirror to see inaccuracies in the picture.

Learn how to draw a cup

Step 4

Using a long and smooth line, depict the handle of the cup. Handles can be of various types, and we decided to depict the most classic version.

How to sketch a cup

Step 5

Now draw the inner line of the handle. If you did everything right, then your drawing should look something like this. By the way, among other things, you can add some kind of pattern on the surface of the cup or a plate under it.

Cup drawing guide

Step 6

Of course, you can leave your cup drawing as in the fifth stage. But to make the drawing beautiful and finished, add some color and shadows. We painted the cup blue, but of course, you can color the cup in absolutely any color.

How to draw a cup easy

We think this tutorial on how to draw a cup was really simple. To improve your skills, you can try to create some kind of still life and add a cup to its composition by placing it next to, for example, a cactus, a book, and candle.

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