How to Draw a Bone

how to draw a bone

As you know, creates very simple drawing instructions. But probably the instruction on how to draw a bone will be the easiest on our site.

It consists of four super simple stages, each of which consists of elementary lines highlighted in red. In order to start the lesson on how to draw a bone, you need the simplest thing – your artist set, consisting of a simple pencil and paper.


Step 1

As you probably already know, any artist should be able to represent complex objects in the form of simple geometric shapes. We will begin to draw the bone with a regular rectangle. Do not try to make it perfectly straight and even, because in the future we will need to make many changes.

Step 2

Now let’s make our sketch look more like a bone. To do this, depict the tips of the bone, called epiphysis. Again, do not try to make them exactly the same, because real bones do not have perfectly even contours and perfect shapes.

how to draw a bone easy

Step 3

Now arm yourself with an eraser and methodically wipe off all the guidelines that are not of interest to us. Now again take a pencil, but darker, ink, a black pen or marker and trace your artwork to give it a more aesthetic and finished look.

how to draw a big bone

Step 4

Now let’s paint the bone. Bones are rarely white, most often they have a light beige tone. The most ideal bone color is the so-called ivory color. Compare your bone drawing with the one that the artists of painted. If your drawing is similar to ours, or even better, then you can safely tell yourself that you can draw a bone.

how to draw a bone

So, how can you apply the knowledge gained in this article? First of all, of course, you can draw bones. It is obvious. But you can also draw some interesting still life, and put on the table this very bone next to the candle, book, and arrow.

The main thing is that you show your imagination and experiment. Draw as often as possible and practice to take your drawing skills to the next level.

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