How to Draw Anime Clothes

how to draw an anime clothes

In one of the previous drawing instructions, we showed how to draw an anime body, and today, in addition to this instruction, we will show how to draw anime clothes. These two instructions are a wonderful complement for each other because we rarely draw an anime body without clothes, and more so clothes without a body.

Here we decided to depict a jacket, shirt, and pants, but with the ten stages below, you can depict other details of the clothes.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing clothes from the top. As in the instruction about the shirt, the first thing we will do is depict the part that covers the torso.

how to draw anime clothes for beginners

Step 2

Now depict the pants. Clearly display the position of the upper and lower legs. The lines should be very light, almost transparent.

how to draw anime clothes male

Step 3

Now back to the upper body and depict the sleeves. They should be performed in much the same way as the legs in the previous stage.

how to draw anime clothes boy

Step 4

Let’s now begin to depict the details of anime clothing. Let’s start from the top, and depict the shoulders and collar.

how to draw anime clothes step by step for beginners

Step 5

Now, using a pair of lines, depict a cut of the jacket and the bottom line. At the top, depict the wide collar of the jacket.

how to draw anime clothes step by step

Step 6

Now draw a cut of the shirt and the bottom. Next, create pockets on the jacket. Use simple dark dots to create buttons.

how to draw anime guy clothes designs

Step 7

In this stage, we finish depicting the upper part of the garment. Create folds, as did the artists of You can also depict shirt cuffs.

how to draw clothes for anime

Step 8

Now create some folds on the lower part of the clothes, as did the artists of Complete the stage by drawing shoes. In the shoes instruction, you will learn more about this item of clothing.

how to draw clothes in anime

Step 9

Now arm yourself with an eraser and clean your anime clothes drawing from guidelines. To make the anime clothing drawing clearer and more beautiful, trace it with dark pencil or ink.

how to draw clothes anime style

Step 10

It is time to paint anime clothes. We painted the jacket in blue, the shirt in gray-cream, and the pants and boots in brown.

how to draw an anime clothes

We smoothly but confidently approached the very end of the instruction on how to draw anime clothes. If you want to learn how to draw anime or clothing in more detail, visit the appropriate categories.

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