How to Draw an Anime Body

how to draw an anime body

Looking for an instruction on how to draw an anime body? If so, then you can assume that you have found what you were looking for! With this super simple drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw an anime body easy and quick.

This guide traditionally consists of several very simple stages, all the new lines in which we painted red for maximum simplicity.


Step 1

So, in order to draw an anime body correctly, first of all, we need to depict a skeleton. Depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of ovals, and the limbs and spine in the form of lines. We draw an anime girl, which means her shoulders should be slightly narrower than the pelvis.

how to draw an anime body girl

Step 2

In the second preparatory stage, we will begin to add volume to the anime body. First, create lines on the head that will serve as guides for the details of the face. Next, connect the chest to the pelvis with a couple of curved lines, creating a beautiful and aesthetic torso.

how to draw an anime girl body easy

Step 3

We draw a female anime figure, so the arms should be noticeably thinner than the legs. Using the balls, depict the joints, and the limbs themselves with the help of cylindrical figures, as the artists of did in the figure below.

how to draw an anime girl body for beginners

Step 4

In the second stage, we created auxiliary lines of the face with which we will create large and expressive anime eyes here. With a pair of dashes mark the nose and mouth. Well, at the end of the stage, depict hair, as the artists of did.

how to draw an anime body step by step

Step 5

Let’s dress the anime figure now. Using a few simple strokes, depict the elements of clothing, as did the artists in the sketch below. Now make all parts of the body more natural by connecting them with short and smooth lines.

how to draw an anime body for beginners

Step 6

Now make the lower part of the head a little more angular. Depict the pupils inside the eyes. Complete the hairstyles of the anime girl. Now, armed with an eraser, clear the head of guidelines. By the way, you can add some other details, for example, bows.

how to draw anime body and face

Step 7

In the seventh stage, we will finish drawing the torso of the anime. As in the previous stage, here we will need to trace it with a dark pencil or ink. In the same stage, you should get rid of the auxiliary lines.

how to draw anime girl body base

Step 8

We show how to draw an anime body using the example of a female figure. This means that the arms should not have noticeable muscles, and the fingers should be very refined and neat. After you trace the arms with a dark pencil, do not forget to remove the guidelines from them.

how to draw anime body for beginners

Step 9

Since we are drawing the body of an anime girl, the legs should be noticeably puffier than the arms. Thrace the legs with very smooth lines, as the artists of did in the sketch below. Get rid of all the remaining lines from the anime body drawing.

how to draw cute anime body

Step 10

So, it’s time to paint the anime body. The anime body can be painted in any color, both natural, from dark brown to light pink, and in any unusual color, for example, blue or green. It all depends on whether you want to depict a real person or a fictional one.

how to draw an anime body

We showed how to draw an anime girl using the example of a female body. You can now try to draw an anime body in some clothes or in a different pose. The main thing is to practice and depict cool drawings using the knowledge from this instruction.

If you want to learn how to draw an anime body of a man, be sure to write to us about it. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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