How to Draw Shoes

how to draw shoes

In one of the previous instructions, we showed how to draw boots, and in this very similar tutorial, we will show you how to draw shoes.

These two guides will be very similar because. In fact, absolutely all footwear is drawn in approximately the same way.

This instruction consists of nine super simple stages, all new lines in which are painted red. So, get your favorite artist set ready to start the guide on how to draw shoes. You can draw shoes with a simple pencil on a piece of paper or with an electronic pen on a graphics tablet.


Step 1

As in the instructions on boots and sneakers, we will begin to draw shoes with two uneven ovals. These geometric shapes will serve as the basis for the shoes drawing.

how to draw shoes easy

Step 2

Now depict the top of the shoe. This part covers almost the entire foot, except the sole. Do not try to make the guidelines in the initial stages too dark and clear.

how to draw shoes for beginners

Step 3

Let’s now clean our shoe drawing from excess lines. To do this, take an eraser and make the sketch not transparent, as the artists of did.

how to draw a shoes step by step

Step 4

Let’s take care of the details in the drawing of shoes. First, depict the upper edge of the footwear. Next, draw a lacing line (the so-called throat).

how to draw shoes by steps

Step 5

Now depict the sole of the shoes. The sole of the classic shoes differs from the sole of the sneakers by the presence of a heel.

shoes drawing step by step

Step 6

We continue to add details to the footwear drawing. Here we separate the upper part (quarter) from the lower part (vamp) with a few simple lines.

shoes drawing easy

Step 7

In this stage, we will complete the addition of new details to the footwear drawing. Using a series of thick lines, depict a lacing.

shoes drawing simple

Step 8

Set aside a pencil, then grab an eraser to clean your footwear drawing from guidelines. Next, take a darker pencil or ink and trace the shoes drawing, making it sharper, darker and more aesthetic.

a pair of shoes drawing

Step 9

Shoes can be of a variety of colors, but we decided to color it brown. You can paint the shoes with colored pencils, with the appropriate brush (if you are drawing through a graphics tablet), paints, or even felt-tip pens.

how to draw shoes

Another article on drawing clothes came to an end. If you repeated everything as in our example, then congratulations, now you know how to draw shoes.

If it seems to you that your artwork is not good enough, try to repeat the whole process again, until you learn how to draw shoes like the artists of

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