How to Draw an Orange

how to draw an orange

Do you want to learn how to draw an orange? If so, then this simple instruction will show you how to draw an orange easy and quick. This instruction will be very simple, and the team of is sure that even the most inexperienced artist can cope with drawing an orange. The knowledge from this instruction will be needed for those who want to learn how to draw still lifes. Just put the orange next to the apple and pineapple, and you get a wonderful work of art in the genre of still life.


Step 1

So, let’s start drawing an orange with a perfectly smooth round circle. We drew exactly the same circle at the initial stage of the instruction about candy and lollipop.

how to draw an orange step by step

Step 2

Now draw the stem at the very top of the fruit. The stem should be fairly thin and slightly curved. In the lower part of the stem, depict its part connecting the stem to the fruit itself.

how to draw an orange easy

Step 3

Draw an orange leaf. The leaf looks like two lines, first diverging to the central part, then converging at one point at an acute angle. Divide the leaf into two parts with a light line.

how to draw an orange fruit

Step 4

Use an eraser to wipe off the guidelines from your fruit drawing. Next, create a citrus fruit texture using a large number of very small C-shaped lines.

how to draw orange image

Step 5

Let’s paint the orange now. The fruit itself needs to be painted in orange (as if it were not obvious), and the leaf in green. By the way, you can add some shadows to make your citrus drawing more voluminous and aesthetic.

how to draw an orange

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