How to Draw a Pineapple

How to draw a pineapple

Do you want to learn how to draw a pineapple? If you are already on this page, then you definitely want to be able to draw a pineapple. This article will be very simple and will consist of elementary eight stages. Each stage will be highlighted in red so that the novice artist does not get confused, and could create a real work of art.


Step 1

Pineapples come in many different shapes, but the most common look is a shape that looks like a rectangle with strongly rounded corners.

Drawing tutorial about a pineapple

Step 2

Now, using a large number of lines, depict the bottom of the crown. By the way, in this stage, this detail really reminds a crown.

How to draw

Step 3

Rise even higher to depict the middle part of the crown. This part essentially repeats the previous stage almost completely.

How to draw pineapples

Step 4

It remains to depict only the tip of the crown. The pineapple petals here should not diverge too much to the sides as in the previous stages.

How to sketch a pineapple

Step 5

Let’s now start creating the texture on the pineapple drawing. To do this, first depict a row of diagonal lines in one direction, then another series of diagonal lines, but in the other direction.

How to draw a fruit

Step 6

Now, using a large number of checkmarks, depict a texture, as did the artists of in the artwork below.

Learn how to draw a pineapple

Step 7

Clean your drawing with an eraser, making it clear, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. To make it even sharper, you can trace it with darker pencil lines or ink.

pineapple drawing tutorial

Step 8

Use the orange-brown color to paint the body of the pineapple and use green to paint the crown. You can use paints, colored pencils or felt-tip pens to paint the pineapple.

How to draw a pineapple

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