How to Draw a Vampire

how to draw a Vampire

This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a vampire – a creepy and interesting character from myths and legends.

Often, the appearance of vampires is characterized by painful pallor, thinness, large fangs, and dark hair. Also, in the image of a vampire, there is often a black or red cape.

But it should be noted that in different works of art there are other images of vampires. Somewhere they look like ordinary businessmen with pale skin, and somewhere they are completely devoid of a human image.

So, let’s try to learn how to draw a vampire with this 15 step art guide.


How to Draw a Vampire Easy

Step 1 – Sketch the Head, Ribcage, and Pelvis

Firstly, sketch a straight vertical line – this is the central base of the whole body. At the top of this line, sketch a vertically elongated oval – the head of the monster, at the bottom of the line sketch a horizontal oval – this is the hip part of our monster. Just below the head sketch out the ribcage.

how to draw a vampire easy

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs of the Vampire

Sketch three points on the sides of the shoulders, which we connect with lines. You should get two lines connected by dots. The midpoint indicates the fold of the arm. At the bottom of the oval denoting the pelvis, sketch the legs in the same way.

how to draw a vampire step by step

Step 3 – Sketch the Torso and Facial Guidelines

At this stage, connect the ribcage and the hip part with lines. Then, add some volume to the shoulders. After that, mark the head with auxiliary lines – two lines intersecting with each other. Further, sketch the outlines of the neck.

how to draw a vampire cute

Step 4 – Add Volume to the Arms

At this stage, the vampire will begin to acquire his iconic image. Sketch the muscle mass of the arms. Sketch circles for the shoulders and add volume to the arms. Schematically sketch out the palms of the monster.

how to draw a cartoon vampire step by step

Step 5 – Add Volume to the Legs

Using simple lines, add some volume to the legs. Just like in the stage with the arms, sketch two circles in the middle of the leg, where the knees should be.

 how to draw a cute vampire easy

Step 6 – Detail the Face of the Vampire

At this stage, you need to draw small details. On the face, portray the eyes, eyebrow arches, nose, and mouth of the monster. Depict the mouth not quite a standard human form. Also, do not forget that the vampire has fangs.

how to draw a vampire easy drawings

Step 7 – Draw the Ears, Jaw, and Hair

Give the head a more realistic look: mark the chin and make the nape area more voluminous. After that, depict the hairline Then, portray the slightly pointed ears. The upper part of the ear should be very sharply pointed, it will give the vampire a familiar look.

how to draw a vampire easy step by step

Step 8 – Draw the Cape of the Vampire

Now let’s start drawing the clothes of the monster. First, let’s start with the cape and draw the collar with sharp arched lines extending behind the head. Sketch the small collar around the neck using triangles. Then add the fabric behind the monster using vertical lines, and denote the bottom of the cape with a wavy line.

how to draw a picture of vampire

Step 9 – Draw the Jacket and Tie

Draw a tie from the collar and sketch a fold in the center. After that, add three buttons. Sketch the bottom of the jacket with simple straight lines.

How to draw a monster

Step 10 – Draw the Sleeves of the Vampire

Using smooth lines trace the sleeves. Then, in the area of the wrists, draw the cuffs of the shirt protruding from under the jacket. Add a couple of folds at the junction of the upper arms and forearms.

how to draw a simple vampire

Step 11 – Draw the Hands of the Vampire

Draw the fingers, making the thumbs sticking out. This stage is difficult because it is pretty hard to draw hands with geometric shapes. You just need to catch the correct length of the fingers so that they do not turn out to be too long or short. You can practice on a separate piece of paper before drawing on the hands of your monster.

how to draw a vampire with steps

Step 12 – Detail the Legs of the Vampire

This is a simple stage since here we need to trace the legs with thicker lines and draw a few folds at the bottom – these will be the vampire pants.

vampire drawing cartoon

Step 13 – Draw the Shoes of the Vampire

Draw a denser sole under the foot. Make the toe of the shoes more round. After that, draw a pattern on the shoes.

vampire drawing simple

Step 14 – Erase the Guidelines

At this stage, carefully and slowly remove all auxiliary lines and leave only the main figure of the vampire. It will be necessary to erase the dividing lines on the face, the support lines of the arms and legs, along with the round parts that marked the knees and the connection of the arms and shoulders, and all the extra strokes that interfere with the correct perception of the figure.

vampire drawing step by step

Step 15 – Color the Vampire

Probably the most interesting part for artists is to add color to the drawing. You can color the vampire as you wish, but the main colors that are often followed when depicting vampires are black, red, and white. We colored the face and hands with a deathly pale color (white with a slightly bluish tint) and made the hair black. The shoes and the upper part of the cape are also black. The tie and underside of the cape are bright red. The vampire costume is dark gray. The shirt is beige so as not to blend in with the white face.

how to draw a Vampire

So, the vampire drawing tutorial came to an end. How was this guide for you? Were you able to cope with all the stages or did you face any difficulties?

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