How to Draw a Tiger Head

How to Draw a Tiger Head

The team of loves cats, both small and large, such as a cheetah. And today we want to show you how to draw a tiger head – the largest cat in the world. In this instruction, the team of will show how to draw a tiger head with very simple lines. Despite such simplicity, at the end, you get a very realistic tiger head drawing.


Step 1

We start all the instructions about portraying animal heads with balls, and the instruction about how to draw a tiger head is no exception.

how to draw a tiger head step by step

Step 2

Now let’s portray the eyes of our big cat. They look like two almond-shaped geometric figures located just above the center.

how to draw a tiger head step by step easy

Step 3

Now in the lower third of the cat’s head, depict a nose. It looks like a triangular geometric figure with nostrils inside.

how to draw an easy tiger head

Step 4

Now let’s depict the top part of the tiger’s mouth, as the artists of did in the image under these words.

how to draw a tiger head easy

Step 5

Now, using a large U-shaped line, portray the lower jaw. Using another U-shaped line, depict the lower edge of the lower jaw.

tiger head drawing easy

Step 6

Now go back to the upper jaw and depict the teeth. Note that the fangs are significantly larger than the central teeth.

tiger head drawing step by step

Step 7

Now use a U-shaped line to depict the tongue. After that depict the lower teeth. Note that due to a different viewing angle, they look different than the upper teeth.

tiger head drawing images

Step 8

Now depict the lower gums. After that portray the wrinkles between the eyes to show that our big kitty is very angry right now.

tiger head drawing picture

Step 9

Now go to the top of the head and depict the ears as in the image below these words. They are slightly omitted, which makes the tiger look even angrier.

tiger head drawing cartoon

Step 10

Now let’s give the tiger head drawing a more regular shape. To do this, depict the cheeks with ragged hairy lines on the sides of the face.

drawing a tiger head

Step 11

Now let’s get rid of auxiliary lines from our drawing of the tiger head with the help of an eraser. After that, trace everything with clear and dark lines.

cute tiger head drawing

Step 12

Now let’s start to portray the patterns on the big cat’s head. Start from the forehead, depicting them with a lot of short strokes.

graphic tiger head drawing

Step 13

Now let’s depict the patterns on the sides of the face of the tiger. Repeat these lines as in the image from the artists of

tiger head simple drawing

Step 14

So, if you did everything right, and made no mistakes during the work, then your tiger head drawing should look something like this:

tiger head simple drawing tutorial

Step 15

And finally, it’s time to paint the head of the tiger. Paint the upper part in orange and the lower part in white or gray. Color the eyes in yellow or green, and the mouth in pink and blue or black.

How to Draw a Tiger Head

The instruction on how to draw a tiger head has come to an end, and we hope that this guide helped you. And now we would really like you to help us. Write to your opinion, because it is very important for us.

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