How to Draw a Peach

how to draw a peach

Today we show you how to draw a peach. This instruction is one of a series of articles about drawing food. Earlier in this category, we already showed how to depict an apple, pear and many other fruits. This instruction will be much like the ones listed, but it will have a number of differences. So, prepare your favorite set of the artist, whether it be a pencil with paper or a graphics tablet and get to work.


Step 1

First, depict a big circle. Do not try to make it perfectly even, because peaches are rarely perfectly round. Do not try to make the lines of the first stage too dark, because in the next stages we will need to erase part of them.

how to draw a peach easy

Step 2

Now, using a short smooth line, depict the dimple from which the stem grows. Next, depict the short part of the stem in the form of a cylindrical figure. The peach body itself is ready, but we will need to decorate it a little.

how to draw a peach step by step

Step 3

Using two lines, depict a leaf on the peach. Please note that unlike the leaf of the apple tree, the peach leaf is narrower and longer, and is somewhat reminiscent of a mango leaf.

how to draw cute peach

Step 4

In the center of the leaf, depict a long line that runs along its entire length. Then, using a series of short strokes, depict the veins, as the artists of did.

easy way to draw a peach

Step 5

Now arm yourself with an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your peach drawing. Using darker pencil lines or ink, trace the entire artwork to make it complete and aesthetically pleasing.

How to draw a peah easy

Step 6

Use paints or colored pencils to paint the peach in orange. Paint the leaf green and the stem brown. With light hatching, you can add more volume and realism to your peach drawing.

how to draw a peach

Try to improve your peach drawing by depicting a couple more fruits in the background. You can also add a kiwi or a donut next to it to create a beautiful still life.

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