How to Draw a Jet

how to draw a jet

The team of very often draws vehicles. We have already drawn a car, a rocket, and a bus, and now we will show you how to draw a jet. In fact, it is a very fast aircraft, most often used for military purposes.

This instruction is traditionally very simple, and for the sake of simplicity, we painted all the new stages red and added the simplest explanation to each stage.

So, prepare a simple pencil and a piece of paper and let’s get down to the instruction on how to draw a jet!


Step 1

Let’s start from the front of the jet, sketching it in the form of a pen-like figure. Use very light and unobtrusive lines so as not to complicate the process of adding changes for us.

how to draw a jet easy

Step 2

Now create a jet cabin, as the artists did in the sketch from the artists of below. Repeat with very light and smooth lines.

how to draw a jet plane

Step 3

Now depict wings with a series of straight lines. The shape of the wings can be different, and you can repeat them as the artists of did, or come up with your own shape.

how to draw a jet step by step

Step 4

Now go to the tail of the jet, and depict two vertical stabilizers. These details should also be created using straight and clear lines.

how to draw a jet easy step by step

Step 5

A little lower, at the very rear of the jet, depict two horizontal stabilizers. Our sketch with each stage becomes more and more like a jet drawing, right?

how to draw a jet for beginners

Step 6

At the bottom, depict a large and massive air intake. Its form can be either as in the example from the artists of or have a different form.

how to draw a jet step by step for beginners

Step 7

This step of the instruction on how to draw a jet will be the easiest. Go to the tail, and create lines on the stabilizers as the artists of did.

how to draw a cartoon jet

Step 8

Now put the eraser aside and grab a pencil to wipe off all guidelines. Using a dark pencil or ink, trace your jet drawing to make it clearer and more aesthetically pleasing.

how to draw a easy jet plane

Step 9

Now take your favorite colors and paint the jet. You can paint it in standard colors, such as gray or sand, or in some unusual color, such as green or even pink.

how to draw a jet

So, the instruction on how to draw a jet has come to an end, and now it’s your turn to act in relation to our site. The team of is waiting for criticism and wishes. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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