How to Draw a Bus

how to draw a bus

We decided to pay a little attention to drawings with a lot of straight lines and smooth contours. Therefore, we created a lesson on how to draw a bus.


Step 1

There are many varieties of buses. For today’s drawing guide, we decided to choose a bus with straight and even contours. You can see here the minimum number of smooth and rounded elements. Therefore, in the first step, we will draw two adjacent rectangles.

how to draw a bus step by step

Step 2

Here we depict the cutouts for the wheels on the lateral side and the contours of the windshield on the front of the cab.

how to draw a bus easy

Step 3

We carefully look at the cutouts for the wheels from the previous step and draw the wheels. Pay attention to the relative position of the wheels and the holes in our sample. Also at this stage we draw the outlines of straight-headlights.

how to draw a big bus

Step 4

Let’s work with the lateral part of our bus. In this stage we depict the transverse contours of windows and the vertical contours of doors. Try to use the most direct lines.

how to draw a bus for beginners

Step 5

A bus cannot ride on two wheels, right? Exactly. Therefore, at this stage we will draw the distant wheels. You can pay attention to the different size and shape of these wheels.

how to draw a cute bus

Step 6

So we continue this drawing instruction on how to draw a bus. This stage will be devoted only to vertical lines. We depict four vertical lines that divide the casements and doors of our bus into equal halves.

how to draw a bus step by step drawing

Step 7

Are you very tired? The rest is quite a bit. Now we will outline the circuits of the top of our bus. This is practically the only place with smooth contours in the whole bus except the wheels.

how to draw a good bus

Step 8

As always, we highlight a special step so that you can evaluate your entire image and correct all the shortcomings from the first stages.

how to draw a bus in steps

Step 9

We decided to use the traditional color of the buses. This is of course yellow. You can use other colors for the bus, for example red.

how to draw a bus

We conclude this simple but rather useful drawing lesson. This article is intended for you to practice drawing simple geometric shapes and direct lines. You can also try a similar tutorial on how to draw a table.

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