How to Draw an Airplane

how to draw an airplane

Readers of often asked us to show how to draw an airplane, and here is this very instruction before you. The article itself will be very simple, but in the end, you will get a full-fledged and realistic airplane drawing. You are free to use both a pencil with paper and a graphics tablet in order to draw a plane.


Step 1

To draw an airplane, first, depict two straight parallel lines. You can use the ruler or do without it if you are sure that you can create straight lines.

how to draw an airplane simple

Step 2

Now connect these two lines to create the nose of the plane, as we did in the instruction on how to draw a rocket.

how to draw an airplane step by step easy

Step 3

Now go to the back of the sketch, and depict the tail of the plane, as the artists of did in the example below.

how to draw an airplane cartoon

Step 4

Finish creating the back of the plane with an oblique line. Aircraft actually have a variety of forms, but in general, they are drawn in approximately the same way.

how to draw cute airplane

Step 5

Now draw the wings of the airplane. Each wing consists of three lines – two long and one short, connecting long lines.

how to draw an airplane easy step by step

Step 6

Now let’s draw an airplane turbine. It looks like a chubby cylinder under the wing. You can depict either one turbine on each wing, as in our example, or two.

how to draw an airplane flying

Step 7

Now create a line dividing the plane and the wing. Next, depict an airplane windshield and a long row of portholes.

how to draw a good airplane

Step 8

Now go to the tail of the aircraft and depict the tail wing. To make your airplane drawing more interesting, you can add some additional details, for example, inscriptions or additional propellers in the tail section.

how to draw a little airplane

Step 9

So, now take an eraser, and wipe off all the unnecessary guidelines from the aircraft drawing so that it is beautiful, voluminous and aesthetic.

How to draw an airplane easy

Step 10

You can paint the airplane in any color, but we have chosen the most standard blue color. Airplane windows should be painted darker than the rest of the aircraft.

how to draw an airplane

Ten stages on how to draw an airplane behind, and we hope that now you know how to draw an aircraft like the artists of Subscribe to Facebook and Pinterest to keep abreast of everything that happens on the pages of

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