How to Draw a Hat

how to draw a hat

The team of loves to draw clothes, and our readers also love to draw clothes. Today we show you how to draw a hat – a very old and common element of clothing. This artwork will be a great addition to the jeans, boots, and glasses that we painted earlier. Like all the rest of our instructions, the guide on how to draw a hat will be very simple. It will also consist of a series of elementary stages, all new lines of which will be painted red and described most simply and clearly.

Step 1

Let’s start from the top of the hat, depicting it in the form of such a geometric figure. Do not try to make the lines too dark and clear in the initial stages.

how to draw a hat easy

Step 2

Now depict the brim of the hat in the form of a large oval. The lines of this stage should also be very light and almost transparent.

how to draw a hat step by step

Step 3

Let’s turn our sketch into something more like a hat drawing. To do this, depict the band separating the top of the hat and the brim.

how to draw a hat drawing

Step 4

Now put the pencil aside and arm yourself with such a simple object as an eraser. Clean the artwork with it and depict the folds in the front top of the hat.

how to draw a hat in steps

Step 5

Depict a bow on the side of the hat. This bow should be located on the band depicted in the third stage. Do not forget to add folds to the bow.

hat drawing tutorial

Step 6

Using an erase again, completely clear the hat drawing from excess lines. Using a darker pencil or ink, trace the artwork to make it sharper, darker and more aesthetically pleasing.

hat drawing images

Step 7

You can paint the hat in any color. We decided to use the sand color for the hat itself and brown for the band, but you can paint it in your favorite color.

how to draw a hat

The tutorial on how to draw a hat was very simple. Do you want to learn how to draw other items of clothing? If so, be sure to visit other articles from the Clothing category on

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