How to Draw a Christmas Tree

how to draw a christmas tree

Do you like to draw trees? In this simple instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a Christmas tree. This instruction consists of nine super simple stages, all new lines of which are highlighted in red.

So, prepare your favorite art tools. It can be both a pencil with paper and a graphics tablet. Now scroll down this page just below and delve into the process of learning how to draw a Christmas tree.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a Christmas tree with an ordinary triangle. It can be either as in our example or narrower and elongated.

how to draw a christmas tree with presents

Step 2

Now depict the trunk of the Christmas tree in the form of a simple rectangle. By the way, to check the proportionality of your Christmas tree drawing, just look at it through the mirror, and all errors will immediately become noticeable.

how to draw a christmas tree step by step easy

Step 3

Now depict the conifer tree texture as shown in the sketch from the artists of in the example below.

how to draw a christmas tree step by step easy

Step 4

At the very top of the Christmas tree, depict a star or some other beautiful object, such as a spire or a beautiful bow.

how to draw a christmas tree step by step

Step 5

At the foot of a tree, depict some boxes. You can make boxes of different sizes, because in one of them there can be a book, in the other boots.

how to draw a christmas tree easy

Step 6

Let’s make the boxes more beautiful and festive. Depict bows and bandages on the boxes. You can also depict some pretty patterns on the boxes.

how to draw a christmas tree easy way

Step 7

Depict several circles of the same size in random order. Balls should be perfectly even and smooth. You can make more or less balls than in our example.

how to draw a really good christmas tree

Step 8

Now depict some diagonal lines as the artists of did. On these lines, create light bulbs in the form of small balls of the same size.

christmas tree drawing easy

Step 9

Paint the Christmas tree green and the bark brown. You can paint all other details in any color. We chose yellow and beautiful red, as we consider this the most Christmas colors.

how to draw a christmas tree

The lesson on how to draw a Christmas tree came to an end. Write to us if this instruction was simple and straightforward. Also, write to us what other art instructions you would like to see on the pages of

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