How to Draw Yoda

how to draw yoda easy

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Yoda. He is one of the most powerful Jedi ever. Therefore, we created this lesson with maximum responsibility.

Step 1

Firstly we will create a shape from several circles to indicate the location of our character and the basic proportions. You can see three rounded shapes but it doesn’t look too much like a snowman. In our case, the middle figure is slightly smaller than the top. Pay attention to this feature to make sure that you create the perfect Yoda.

how to draw yoda step by step

Step 2

Ok, now we will add some sticks. This will help create a quality sketch. In fact, you can give any pose to your character. If you want to follow our example, you can draw the obtuse angles that form the arms and a pair of straight sticks that represent the legs.

how to draw yoda cartoon


Step 3

We have a good sketch of sticks and circles, right? Let’s add facial features to make this powerful Jedi more alive. In this step, we add a pair of almond-shaped eyes and an outline of a flattened nose. Pay particular attention to the shape of the eyes, the distance between them, and the position of the pupils. These three factors greatly affect the whole picture. If it works out a bit like a contented cat, you’re on the right way.

how to draw yoda step by step easy

Step 4

Now add the lower part of the face of this Jedi Master. Draw a chin and a mouth that looks like two lines with a smooth bend. The bottom line of the mouth is much shorter than the top line. The chin line should have a rounded narrowing. Try to avoid too sharp a corner at the chin.

how to draw yoda cute

Step 5

Yoda is wrinkled because it’s old, isn’t it? In fact, many thought so until they saw Baby Yoda. In fact, this is a joke, it is not the same character. Yoda’s wrinkles look like a pattern on Spider-Man’s mask. Several vertical lines diverge from the point between the eyes, which intersect with curved horizontal lines.

how to draw yoda simple

Step 6

It should already be pretty similar to Yoda. If you see the strange appearance of your character, check the location of the eyes. This is a very common mistake, which greatly distorts the picture. And now we add the contours of the ears that are located horizontally. This is a bit like the ears of elves or other fairytale characters.

The outer contours of the ears should not be perfectly flat, as you can see. The contours of the auricle should not follow the external contours of the ears.

how to draw yoda easy step by step

Step 7

What clothes do the Jedi Masters prefer? These guys wear long hoodies. Let’s outline such a hoodie for our great Master Yoda. Use long, smooth vertical lines. Do not forget about the outline of the hood.

how to draw yoda really good

Step 8

So in this step, we continue to work with the hoodie. Yoda’s hoodie is very similar to the clothes of other Jedi, only in this case we see a smaller size. Therefore, we outline the usual contours of wide free sleeves. Do not forget about the folds on the fabric, this is a very important detail.

how to draw yoda step by step for beginners

Step 9

So we continue the guide on how to draw Yoda. Add folds to the fabric. When you draw loose and spacious clothes, you always need to draw a large number of folds. Do not forget to draw a belt and a small collar that is located asymmetrically under the head.

how to draw master yoda step by step

Step 10

We cannot see many parts of the body of Master Yoda. However, we often see his hands because he likes to lean on his staff or fight with a lightsaber. In this step, we will draw the contours of three-fingered hands with sharp claws.

how to draw cartoon yoda step by step

Step 11

In this step, we outline the contours of the lower limbs of Yoda. Pay attention to the size of the legs, as well as the shape of the fingers or bones. Too big or too small paws can distort your sketch very much.

how to draw yoda from star wars step by step

Step 12

I have always noticed a paradox. Yoda walks, leaning on his wand – it feels like an elderly, sick Jedi. However, when an emergency happens, Yoda drops the staff and begins to use incredible acrobatic skills. Let’s draw the smooth, wavy contours of this wand.

how to draw yoda from star wars easy

Step 13

How are you guys? We hope you see an excellent sketch on your piece of paper. If you notice any errors or inaccuracies, you should correct them in this step. You can bring your drawing to the mirror and look at the reflection. You will immediately notice all inaccuracies and problems with proportions. So we fix it and move on to the next step.

how to draw master yoda

Step 14

This is the last step of an entire drawing guide on how to draw Yoda. In this step, we will colorize our sketch. Try to avoid too bright and catchy colors. For each color, immediately select a darker shade. This will help cast shadows.

how to draw yoda easy

So we did a great job. I hope that our guide on how to draw Yoda was useful to you. We are waiting for your feedback and your questions!

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