How to Draw Wolverine

How to Draw Wolverine

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw Wolverine – one of the coolest and most charismatic comic book characters.

As you probably already know, we love comics very much, and we love to show you how to draw comics. Earlier, we have repeatedly shown you how to draw a variety of characters from comic books. All these drawing instructions you can find in our category called Comics.

This guide on how to draw Wolverine is special as it is one of our favorite characters. If you also love this character, then let’s proceed to the drawing process.


How to Draw Wolverine

Step 1 – Sketch out the Guidelines

Start by creating the outlines of the head, chest, and pelvis. Next, sketch out the spine with a simple line. The lines of the first steps should be barely visible.

how to draw wolverine easy

Step 2 – Sketch out the Limbs

The limbs should be sketched out using simple lines. All connections should be marked with small circles. Give Wolverine’s limbs a combat look.

how to draw wolverine step by step

Step 3 – Sketch the Guidelines of the Face

The two intersecting light lines outlined on the head of Wolverine will help you draw the face later. Next, outline the torso with a couple of light lines.

how to draw a wolverine step by step

Step 4 – Add Volume to the Arms

Start adding volume to the arms from the shoulders, sketching them in the form of balls. Next, outline the upper and lower arms with cylindrical shapes. At the end of the step, sketch out Wolverine’s fists.

how to draw a wolverine easy

Step 5 – Add Volume to the Legs

Start again at the top, sketching the volume of thighs. Next, outline the shins, which taper smoothly towards the ankles. Finish this step by sketching out the feet.

how to draw a cartoon wolverine

Step 6 – Draw the Details of the Face

Using the horizontal construction line from the third stage, carefully sketch out the eyes of Wolverine. Next, depict the nose and the mouth.

how to draw wolverine full body step by step

Step 7 – Draw the Wolverine Mask

First, draw two smooth lines that diverge from the nose up and along the sides. Next, sketch out the side lines of the mask’s ears. Don’t forget to draw the mask opening.

how to draw wolverine for beginners

Step 8 – Draw the Torso

Start by drawing the powerful pectoral muscles of Wolverine. Then sketch out the shoulder pads. Finish the step by sketching out the outlines of the abs and the upper edge of the waistband.

how to draw wolverine hugh jackman step by step

Step 9 – Draw the Muscles of the Arms

When drawing the arms, be very careful to draw as correctly as possible all the curves of the biceps, visible parts of the triceps as well as the muscles of the forearm.

how to draw marvel wolverine step by step

Step 10 – Draw the Fists

Using the lines drawn earlier, carefully draw all the fingers. By the way, remember that you can check the proportionality of your Wolverine drawing by looking at it in the mirror.

how to draw wolverine comic

Step 11 – Draw the Claws of Wolverine

The claws should spread slightly to the sides. The middle claw should appear slightly longer than the rest. The claws on the left hand of Wolverine should appear slightly shorter due to the visual contraction.

how to draw wolverine marvel

Step 12 – Draw the Muscles of the Thighs

When drawing the muscles of the thighs, remember that the legs in this area widen slightly from the hips to the midsection and taper again to the knees.

how 2 draw wolverine step by step

Step 13 – Draw Wolverine Boots

The design of Wolverine’s boots resembles the design of his mask. When drawing these unusual shoes, try to ensure that all parts are most proportional, and one part does not seem longer than the other.

wolverine drawing color

Step 14 – Draw the Details

First, draw lines to separate the gloves from the skin. Next, draw stripes on the shoulders and sides of the torso of Wolverine. Next, draw the many hairs on the arms with light and slightly curved lines.

wolverine drawing images

Step 15 – Erase the Guidelines

Give the Wolverine drawing a more comic look by erasing any unnecessary guidelines. Darken the lines of your drawing to give it an even more expressive and contrasting look.

wolverine drawing in pencil

Step 16 – Color Your Wolverine Drawing

Since we decided to draw Wolverine in his classic outfit, we also decided to choose the appropriate colors. We used yellow for the main parts of the suit, black for the ears of the mask, stripes on the torso and lines on the boot, blue for the shoulder pads, gloves, and the main part of the boots, blue-gray for the claws, and yellow-pink for the skin.

How to Draw Wolverine

You can make your Wolverine drawing even more authentic by adding contrasting comic shadows. You can also try to draw Wolverine a few more times using this drawing instruction, but dressing him in different costumes and painting it in different colors.

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