How to Draw Pegasus

how to draw a pegasus

The team of believes that Pegasus is one of the most beautiful mythical creatures, so now we will show you how to draw Pegasus easy and quick. We will show how to portray this magnificent creature in a very simple way. So, grab your favorite art supplies, scroll down and start the instruction on how to draw Pegasus.


Step 1

Firstly, depict the head, chest and pelvis as three balls. Next, connect these parts with a curved line of the backbone. Using a few simple and loose lines, portray the limbs.

how to draw a pegasus easy

Step 2

Now go to the head and depict a long muzzle, after all, we portray a horse with wings. After that, with two long and strongly curved lines, depict the wing and tail.

how to draw a pegasus step by step

Step 3

Starting from this stage, we will begin to depict details with darker lines. Start with the eyes and long ears. Then, with two curved lines, depict the characteristic horse neck.

how to draw a pegasus easy step by step

Step 4

Now gently trace the outline of the head, as did the artists of the in the image below. After that, portray the mouth and nose.

how to draw a pegasus flying

Step 5

Now let’s move on to the hairstyle of our majestic antique winged horse. Using long smooth lines, depict everything as in the artwork below.

how to draw a pegasus for beginners

Step 6

Now let’s portray the forelimbs. Using clear and dark lines, depict them considering the joints. Do not forget to depict the hooves.

how to draw a pegasus step by step for beginners

Step 7

Using a pair of simple lines, connect the chest and pelvis to form the Pegasus torso. Finish portraying the tail with another curved line.

how to draw an easy pegasus

Step 8

Now let’s portray the hind limbs using dark lines. The legs should be thick at the very top and taper gently downward. Do not forget to depict hooves.

how to draw a pegasus flying step by step

Step 9

Let’s work with the wings now. Here we will add details, or rather the plumage. Start at the top by depicting feathers in the form of U-shaped lines.

how to draw beautiful pegasus

Step 10

In this step, we finish drawing the pegasus feathers. Firstly depict a row of U shaped lines below, and then portray the last row of feathers in the shape of very elongated U shaped lines.

how to draw a pegasus draw so cute

Step 11

So, now take an eraseк and wipe off all the guidelines from the Pegasus drawing. After that, trace all the necessary lines making them dark and clear and move to the last stage of the tutorial on how to draw Pegasus.

how to easily draw a pegasus

Step 12

So, let’s paint Pegasus. We recommend using white, light beige or ivory colors. Paint the eyes and hooves in gray. To keep your Pegasus drawing from looking flat, you can add some shadows.

how to draw a pegasus

If you get to these lines, then you have finished the instruction on how to draw Pegasus.

So, do you want to make your Pegasus drawing more unusual? You can try to portray it without wings and add a horn, and then you get a unicorn. You can also portray a rider on it or portray clouds and a rainbow in the background.

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