How to Draw Ben 10

How to draw Ben 10

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw Ben 10 – the main character of the animated series Ben 10.

Who knows Benjamin Kirby Tennyson? Who knows what Ben 10 is? During this lesson, we will not only learn how to draw Ben 10 but also learn some interesting facts about this cartoon character.

So! Let’s draw Benjamin Tennyson and see what the result will be.


How to Draw Ben 10

Step 1 – Draw the Basic Body Parts

Ben stands leaning to the left. We will draw the base of his figure using three ovals. Place the pelvis in the center of our perspective after that draw the circle of the ribcage. The head will be made in a large circle at the very top.

Ben 10 drawing lesson

Step 2 – Sketch the Facial Guidelines and Limbs

To draw a person’s face, you need to know that the line of the eyes is located exactly in the middle. To do this, let’s make a mark on the head. After that, place the limbs in lines and arrange them as follows: the left leg creates support, the right one is extended, the left and right arms are bent at the elbows.

Ben 10 drawing guide

Step 3 – Draw the Eyes and Eyebrows of Ben 10

Benjamin’s eyes are two large circles. With the size of the eyes, we will convey the tension of the hero and the scene. The eyebrows are drawn over the eyes, and the right eyebrow is in contact with the eye.

how to a cartoon

Step 4 – Draw the Pupils, Nose, and Mouth

Using small circles draw the pupils inside Ben’s eyes. After that, draw the nose with an inverted arc. Further, draw the mouth with two lines that touch at the corners. Raise the right edge a little higher.

how to draw ben 10 classic

Step 5 – Draw the Ears and Jaw of Ben 10

Draw the ears using a couple of large semicircles. Use a couple of strokes inside the ears to create a depression in the auricle. The shape of the face is completed by a line that forms Ben’s sharp chin.

how to draw ben 10 full body

Step 6 – Draw Hair of Ben 10

Ben has shaggy brown hair. Let’s make a semblance of a hat and sharpen its ends at the very top. And then repeat the same on Ben’s forehead.

how to draw ben 10 easy

Step 7 – Draw the Neck and Torso

Ben’s head is attached to a thin torso and for this, we will draw a narrow neck. He is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt. Draw a shape over the top of the torso and drag the lines of the shirt down to the waist.

how to draw ben 10 step by step

Step 8 – Detail the T-Shirt of Ben 10

Draw a fold on the belly. Further, draw the lower edge of the T-shirt. After that, show in short lines where the arms protrude from the sleeves. In the upper right corner, draw the number “10”.

ben 10 drawing for beginners

Step 9 – Draw the Arms of Ben 10

On the right hand, we need to draw something that looks like a wristwatch. This is the alien device Omnitrix. Try to exactly repeat all the outlines of the details as in our example.

ben 10 drawing and colouring

Step 10 Draw the Fists of Ben 10

Slightly above the Omnitrix, draw a clenched fist and make details. Divide each finger using simple lines. Try to create the impression of tightly clenched fists in the drawing.

ben 10 drawing easy

Step 11 – Draw the Pants of Ben 10

Using long and flowing lines draw the pants, using the construction lines drawn earlier. Further, draw the cuffs at the bottom of the pants. After that, draw the pockets on the sides.

ben 10 drawing step by step

Step 12 – Draw the Ankles

Let’s go down and draw the pattern of socks. Let’s cover them with the tongues of the sneakers and show where the heels are. Further, sketch out the initial image of the sneakers that Ben always has in his wardrobe!

ben 10 drawing with colour

Step 13 – Draw the Shoes

Just a little bit left. Continue drawing the sneakers. Round the tips, raise them, make them more voluminous. The outsole has a protrusion in the form of a sharp wedge. Further, draw the laces with strokes on the surface of the shoe. Ben’s shoes are big enough.

Ben 10 sketch

Step 14 – Erase the Guidelines

The home stretch! All lines, ovals, and other guidelines that were inside the drawing of Ben 10 must be eliminated. Don’t accidentally erase the belly fold and the number “10”. With the Omnitrix, too, be careful, there are many important details. After that, you can trace your Ben 10 drawing to make it more cartoonish.

Ben 10 drawing tutorial

Step 15 – Color the Drawing

Ben 10 wants more colors! Let’s make the T-shirt dark green, the Omnitrix gray, the pants marsh-colored, the sneakers white and black, and the hair brown. Leave the number “10” white.

How to draw Ben 10

We have come to the end of the Ben 10 drawing tutorial. Did you keep up with us? If not, then so be we wait for you! Go back to the step you left off and try to continue the drawing process.

So, does your Ben drawing look like a drawing of a superhero? Or is he more like a usual ten-year-old guy? Write in the comments what emotions the drawn Benjamin evokes in you!

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