How to Draw a Wizard

how to draw a wizard

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a wizard. For this guide, we decided to choose the familiar image of Gandalf the Gray.

We’ve all watched fantasy or played video games where magic coexists with the human world. There is no magic in our world, but there is drawing, which, like magic, helps us to bring the images we have invented into reality.

After going through all the steps of this lesson on how to draw a wizard, you will get a fairly realistic and three-dimensional drawing of a wizard.


How to Draw a Wizard

Step 1 – Sketch the Head, Chest, and Pelvis

Draw three free-form ovals. Place each oval on top of the other. The upper oval is the head, the middle is the ribcage, and the lower is the pelvis. Mark the position of the axis with a straight line.

how to draw a wizard easy

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs of the Wizard

Draw the limbs. The left arm is bent at the elbow, the right arm is set aside and slightly lowered. The two legs are parallel to each other and start from the pelvis.

how to draw a wizard step by step

Step 3 – Sketch the Facial Guidelines and Torso

Mark the head with two criss-cross lines. Sketch the wizard’s future robe using a cylindrical shape. Draw it over the chest and show the location of the neck.

how to draw a wizard step by step easy

Step 4 – Add Volume to the Arms

Firstly add some volume to the wizard’s upper arms and forearms. Sketch out the shoulder and elbow joints using simple circles. At this stage, draw simple geometric shapes instead of palms.

how to draw an easy wizard

Step 5 – Start Drawing the Robe of the Wizard

Draw the lower part of the robe, which goes down along the legs to the very ground. After that, draw the bottom edge of the robe. To make this piece of clothing look realistic, give it a wave-like shape.

how to draw a simple wizard step by step

Step 6 – Draw the Weapon of the Wizard

Place the magic staff in the left hand and make it look like a long pole. In length, it is equal to the height of the wizard. In the wizard’s right hand, draw the outlines of a sword with a narrow blade and a guard.

Wizard drawing tutorial

Step 7 – Draw the facial Features for the Wizard

To do this, place two small strokes right in the center of the head. Use the horizontal line from the first stages. Then draw the nose a little below. After that, draw the mouth below the nose.

how to draw a cute wizard

Step 8 – Draw the Beard and Hair of the Wizard

Draw a triangular shape over the chest and cover the shoulders. Use strokes to add relief and layering to the wizard’s beard.

how to draw comics wizard

Step 9 – Draw the Hat of the Wizard

Start with wide brims of the headgear and position the hat so that the top of the head is not visible underneath. Then, add an elongated cone to the hat and finish off the design with the tip.

how to draw a wizard easy steps

Step 10 – Draw the Sleeves

Go back to creating the robe. Draw lines along the arms to create outlines of the sleeves. You should get stretched and large sleeves. Then, mark the folds of the fabric with strokes.

wizard drawings easy

Step 11 – Draw the Belt and Bag

It crosses the torso and creates a lot of folds on the robe. On the right side of the wizard is a bag, which you must attach to the belt. Draw a belt around the waist and use strokes to mark the folds on the robe.

wizard drawing step by step

Step 12 – Detail the Robe of the Wizard

Add volume and relief to the robe. Using a row of vertical lines create the folds, that start from the belt. After that, add extra lines on the sides to make the bottom of the robe even more voluminous.

wizard drawing picture

Step 13 – Detail the Staff of the Wizard

Return to the staff. To make it look like a staff, you need to clearly define its silhouette. Try to give a slight roughness to the edges of the staff. Further, draw each finger that grasps the staff.

wizard drawing easy

Step 14 – Detail the Sword and Left Hand

Draw the fingers on the right hand in the same way. After that, place the sword guard over the wizard’s clenched palm. The blade begins from the guard. Make sure the blade is sharp.

wizard base drawing

Step 15 – Erase the Guidelines

The wizard drawing is almost ready. Erase all guidelines using an eraser. After that, you can add any additional details, for example, inscriptions on the robe or scrolls inside the bag.

wizard fantasy drawing

Step 16 – Color the Wizard Drawing

Start with the color scheme for the wizard. Use a dark gray color to paint the robe of the wizard. Make the beard light gray. Fill the hat with the color of the robe. The handle and guard of the sword are gray, and the blade is light gray. The staff, belt, and bag will be brown.

how to draw a wizard

So we have finished drawing the wizard. Using this wizard drawing lesson, you can draw not only Gandalf but also Dumbledore, Merlin, and any other typical fantasy wizard.

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