How to Draw a Werewolf

how to draw a Werewolf

In this mystical drawing instruction, the team of will show you, dear readers, how to draw a werewolf.

In mythology and culture, there are a huge number of different types of werewolves. Games, films, and books show and describe different appearances, behaviors, and reasons for becoming a werewolf. For our drawing instruction, we decided to choose the most recognizable werewolf appearance, which is something in between a man and a wolf.


Step 1

So, in order to correctly and accurately draw a werewolf, firstly we need to create a skeleton. Depict the head, ribcage, and pelvis as ovals, and the spine and limbs as lines.

how to draw a werewolf easy

Step 2

On the oval of the head, which was depicted in the first stage, depict the open mouth of the monster. To make your werewolf more feral, you can depict a longer wolf muzzle than in our example.

how to draw an easy werewolf

Step 3

Depict small angry eyes above the muzzle, and long pointed ears at the top of the head. For a more infernal look, you can depict small pupils inside the eyes.

how to draw a werewolf step by step

Step 4

Go back to the muzzle and depict sharp teeth and nose. Note that the werewolf’s mouth in our example is absolutely no different from the wolf’s mouth.

how to draw a scary werewolf step by step

Step 5

Now go a little lower and depict the fur on the neck. Because of such lush fur, we do not see the neck itself at all. This feature makes the werewolf more monstrous and creepy.

how to draw a cute werewolf step by step

Step 6

Using a couple of lines, connect the ribcage and the pelvis. Further, depict the deltoids and the large pectoral muscles. On the stomach, depict a strip of the abs.

how to draw a cute werewolf

Step 7

Depict powerful arms, as in the example from the artists of Please note that unlike the head, the torso and arms of our werewolf are similar to human ones.

how to draw a cute cartoon werewolf

Step 8

Carefully depict the hands with spear-sharp claws. Unlike human palms, wolf paws should be disproportionately larger.

easy way to draw a cartoon werewolf

Step 9

We go down a little lower to depict the legs of the werewolf. The legs, like the arms, must be very muscular and large for the monster to have a wilder and more imposing appearance.

how to draw a werewolf for beginners

Step 10

Now depict large feet with sharp claws. Please note that we decided to depict the werewolf standing on toes, and not on a full foot. This positioning of the legs along with bent knees refers us to the appearance of wolf legs.

teach me how to draw a werewolf

Step 11

To make our drawing of a werewolf even more frightening, we should depict the torn remnants of clothing. We chose to depict only the remains of torn pants, but you can also depict the remains of a torn t-shirt or classic suit.

how to draw a picture of werewolf

Step 12

Now it’s time to get rid of the construction lines and make the finishing touches. In addition, you can darken the lines or trace them with a darker pencil or liner.

how to draw werewolves step by step

Step 13

It’s time to paint our werewolf drawing. For fur, you can use shades of gray, and paint the eyes red. This will give the werewolf a truly scary look.

how to draw a Werewolf

So, slowly but inexorably, we got to the afterword of the instruction on how to draw a werewolf.

Now is the time to perfect your werewolf drawing skills. Make it harder for yourself and try to draw this monster in different poses. Try drawing a werewolf doing something or holding something. These exercises will not only train your skills in portraying this particular character but will generally raise your drawing skills.

If the drawing process did not cause any difficulties, you already know how to draw a werewolf as a professional illustrator, and you want to try to portray some other monster, then go to the Fantasy category on our website.

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