How to Draw a UFO

How to draw a UFO

The readers of very asked us to show how to draw a UFO. In this super simple instruction we will show how to do it.

Themes of fantasy and monsters are very popular on In this topic, we have already created instructions about a dragon and Godzilla. Today we decided to move from the theme of reptiles to aliens, and create their favorite transport.

To start the instruction on how to draw a UFO, you will need pencils and paper or a graphics tablet. So, if everything is ready, scroll down this page a little lower and start the instruction on how to draw a UFO.


Step 1

Most often, people imagine UFOs as a flying saucer. Let’s start depicting this plate with a regular oval. To make sure that the UGO drawing is proportional, look at it through the mirror.

how to draw a ufo easy

Step 2

Now, using the semicircular shape, depict the top of the UFO. This geometric figure should be located in the central part of the oval, as in the example depicted by the artists of

how to draw a ufo spaceship

Step 3

Now let’s depict the bottom of the flying saucer. In our example, this part resembles the silhouette of a cylinder. As you can see, the UFO drawing is starting to take on more familiar outlines.

how to draw a cute ufo

Step 4

Now, using the smaller oval shape, depict the very opening through which the aliens land on the ground and raise different objects. Now draw another oval, slightly larger, to form the bottom surface.

how to draw a ufo step by step easy

Step 5

Now use an eraser to wipe off the guidelines from the UFO drawing so that the sketch looks clean and aesthetically pleasing. Next, take a darker pencil, pen or ink and trace the UFO drawing.

how to draw an easy ufo

Step 6

You can paint the UFO in any color. We decided to choose light blue to show that it is made of metal. Be sure to depict shadows to make the UFO drawing more voluminous and aesthetic.

How to draw a UFO

Six super simple stages on how to draw a UFO came to an end. If you want to learn how to depict mummies, zombies and other monsters, be sure to go to the Fantasy category to improve your monster drawing skills.

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