How to Draw Godzilla

How to draw Godzilla

Today EDA website team will show how to draw Godzilla. This is a very interesting phenomenon in popular culture in fact. The huge monster that destroys buildings is one of the most recognizable characters in films and comics.


Step 1

First we draw some circles that vary in size. It looks like a snowman who is located diagonally. Note that all shapes should be on the right side of the paper.
How to draw classic Godzilla

Step 2

Draw a smooth line from the top circle to the bottom to form the spine and tail. We also outline the limbs with a few sticks. As you can see, the lower legs should be longer than the upper legs.

How do you draw godzilla

Step 3

Add to our picture the contours of the upper and lower jaws. Between them should be a triangle with the help of which we denote the mouth.

Learn to draw Godzilla

Step 4

Well, we continue to work with the head and neck of our monster. Using one smooth line we form a powerful neck contour. On the face we draw a small frown. Do not forget about the small triangular teeth.

How to draw a monster

Step 5

Now it will be a rather important point. We will draw the upper limbs of Godzilla. Be sure to consider the proportions. The lower limbs should be much larger and more powerful than the upper limbs.

Godzilla drawing lesson

Step 6

So we continue the drawing instruction on how to draw Godzilla. In this step we will finish the work with the contours of the upper limbs. Draw sharp claws and paws.

How to sketch Godzilla

Step 7

In this step we will draw just one line. However, this will be a very important line. It should pass from the first ball of the body down to the tail. As a result, you should get a wide powerful body that tapers smoothly and passes into the tail.

Learn how to draw Godzilla

Step 8

The prototype of Godzilla are dinosaurs that moved on two legs. Therefore, the lower legs of a godzilla must be very powerful and large. As we said earlier, the lower legs should look incomparably more powerful and wider than the upper legs.

How to draw Godzilla easy step by step

Step 9

It seems like something is missing, right? Indeed it is. We have incomplete contours of the lower paws. To fix this, we will draw wide apart fingers and pointed claws.

How to draw Godzilla step by step

Step 10

If you roughly remember what the dinosaurs looked like so you don’t need to talk about the crests on the back, right? In this step, we will draw the beginning of this ridge from the head to the place between the upper and lower paws. By the way, we recently drew a dragon and went through exactly the same stage.

How to draw Godzilla for beginners

Step 11

This will be a very short step. Here we finish drawing the comb. Note that the teeth of the crest are becoming smaller in the direction to the tail.

How to draw Godzilla easy

Step 12

If you are our regular reader, you probably noticed that we always leave a separate step so that you can look at your sketch before working with colors. Evaluate the proportions of our monster and the correct location of individual parts of the body. If everything is all right, you can proceed to the next step.

Godzilla drawing tutorial

Step 13

We chose a dark gray color for our monster. You can use dark green or dark brown colors. However, in any case, do not forget about the shadows. It is better to color the eye with orange.

How to draw Godzilla

It was a pretty tricky drawing guide. If you drew this Godzilla then you can take on more difficult lessons.


  1. Thanks for the easy instructions step by step!! I mean I’m starting to draw and your steps were so easy to follow, thanks!

  2. Had my grandson begging me to draw Godzilla.
    Thought I’d look at your drawings and actually drew Godzilla. Not as good as yours, hopefully he’ll like it and I can practise more. Thanks for the tutorial, just waiting for him to come around see what he says.

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