How to Draw a Truck

how to draw a truck draws mostly very simple objects, but what about a little more complicated ones. The instruction on how to draw a truck will just be such a slightly more difficult lesson. There will be a little more intricate lines and complex constructions for drawing. But this article is ideal for those who want to improve their skill in drawing straight lines and complex geometric shapes. Well, obviously, this lesson will be extremely useful for those who want to learn how to draw trucks.


Step 1

Let’s start creating the body of a pickup truck with simple straight lines, forming a long rectangle. The lines should be really light so that error correction does not cause difficulties in the next stages.

how to draw a truck easy

Step 2

In this stage, our simple geometric shape will turn into something similar to a pickup truck drawing. To do this, we simply depict three lines to create a car cabin.

how to draw a truck step by step

Step 3

Using two semicircles create wheel arches. In fact, they can be of any other shape, for example, square ones, but we decided to choose a more classic form of arches.

how to draw a truck simple

Step 4

No car can move if it does not have wheels. And in the fourth stage of the instruction on how to draw a truck, we will just draw these wheels. They should be perfectly round.

how to draw a big truck

Step 5

Now let’s give our pickup truck sketch a little grace. Correct the outlines of the hood and create headlights and a bumper.

how to draw a truck cartoon

Step 6

We draw a pickup, not a tank, right? So let’s create windows. Do this with a few straight lines, remembering to depict a rearview mirror.

how to draw a diesel truck

Step 7

We also decided to depict the door using straight lines. But you can make its outlines smoother. The main thing, do not forget to draw a door handle.

how to draw a truck easy step by step

Step 8

Now grab an erase and carefully remove all unnecessary lines from your car drawing. In the same eighth stage, we need to depict the rims.

Step 9

The pickup drawing is almost complete, it remains only to depict some details. For example, we decided to add taillights and a bumper. You can add other details, such as the back door or the spokes on the rims.

Step 10

If you understand that your car drawing is completed, and does not need improvements, then you can proceed to add colors. Paint the truck in any color that you like, for example, we decided to choose red.

how to draw a truck

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