How to Draw a Scarecrow

how to draw a scarecrow

Today, the team of will show you how to draw a scarecrow – an integral element of almost any field, without which the security of the fields from the crows would be in question.

A scarecrow is most often made using straw, old clothes, and sticks. Despite its simplicity, this thing sometimes causes fear not only among ravens but also among people.

So, if you are ready, and in front of you lies a sheet of paper, and you hold a pencil in your hand, then let’s proceed to the instruction on how to draw a scarecrow.


Step 1

Let’s start with the scarecrow head and depict it in the form of a simple ball. Under the ball-shaped head, create a short cylindrical neck.

how to draw a scarecrow step by step

Step 2

A very simple stage in which we create a scarecrow torso. In the example from the artists of, it looks like a rectangle with rounded angles.

how to draw a scarecrow step by step easy

Step 3

Now let’s depict the extremities of the scarecrow. They should not have complex shapes and bends. Depict them in the shape of uneven rectangles.

how to draw a scarecrow tutorial

Step 4

The base of the scarecrow drawing is completed, and it is time to proceed to the details. Let’s start by portraying a hat, as the artists of did.

how to draw a scarecrow easy

Step 5

Using two thick dots, create scarecrow eye-dots. Next, depict an arched mouth with numerous seams. By the way, you can depict a nose in the form of a carrot, like in a snowman.

easy way to draw a scarecrow

Step 6

The scarecrow is most often dressed in a shirt and jumpsuit. Using several lines, depict the front of the jumpsuit and the straps lying on the shoulders.

how to draw a simple scarecrow

Step 7

In the front of the jumpsuit, depict a pocket. Depict a shirt collar around the neck. In addition, you can add some kind of pattern on the shirt.

scarecrow drawing coloring

Step 8

Now, using a large number of short lines, depict spikelets sticking out of the sleeves. Depict the spikelets from the roots to the tips.

scarecrow drawing cute

Step 9

Now, with the help of smooth and winding lines, depict the legs of the jumpsuit. Now depict the spikelets sticking out of the legs in the same way as we did in the previous stage.

scarecrow drawing easy

Step 10

A very simple stage in which we will need to depict the stick on which the scarecrow is held. The stick may be straight or slightly uneven.

drawing of scarecrow step by step

Step 11

Now set aside the pencil and grab an eraser and use it to clear the scarecrow drawing of auxiliary guidelines. Now grab a darker pencil or ink and trace the scarecrow drawing to make it sharper and clearer.

scarecrow color pencil drawing

Step 12

Now take your favorite colors and paint the scarecrow either in the colors presented by the artists of, or choose your own color palette.

how to draw a scarecrow

So, the instruction on how to draw a scarecrow finally came to an end, and we really hope that it was easy. Be sure to subscribe to us on Pinterest and Facebook to be aware of everything that happens on the pages of

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