How to Draw a Crow

We noticed that our readers are very fond of drawing animals, and especially for them, we created this lesson on how to draw a crow.

This guide, like all other instructions on, will be very simple and accessible even for beginner artists.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the instruction on how to draw a crow!


Step 1

Let’s start the lesson about drawing a crow with two ordinary ovals. The upper oval will later turn into a head, and the lower into a torso.

Step 2

Using three lines converging at one point, draw a crow’s beak. The top line should start right from the forehead, and the tip should be slightly bent down.

Step 3

At the third stage, we finish drawing the beak of the crow. Using a smooth line, separate the beak from the rest of the head. Use a small oval to depict the crow’s eye.

Step 4

A very simple but at the same time an important step of the instruction on how to draw a crow. Using two smooth lines, connect the head and torso, as shown in the figure below.

Step 5

Continuing the lines from the fourth step, draw the crow’s tail. Next, depict the shape of the wing. Using many short lines, depict the feathers of the wing.

Step 6

Use the smooth lines to depict the upper part of the legs connecting them to the torso. Our sketch with each step becomes more like a drawing of a crow, right?

Step 7

This step will be much more complicated than the others, but we are sure that you can cope with it without any problems. So, draw the legs and toes with sharp claws, as did the artists of

Step 8

Let’s now give our bird drawing a more detailed and beautiful look. We will do this using a large number of lines, creating with their help the plumage of this wise and beautiful bird.

Step 9

So, let’s remove all the excess lines from our drawing of a crow and give it a more final look. After removing all the auxiliary lines, trace the necessary details, making them clear and dark.

Step 10

Now is the time to turn your imagination to the maximum. Now you can leave your bird drawing black and white, add shadows with hatching, or paint the crow in some color. We believe that the most suitable color is dark blue or dark gray.

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