How to Draw a Crab

How to draw a crab
Not many people can draw animals correctly. In this nine-step drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a crab easily and quickly.

We will draw a crab with a front view. We tried not to draw too many details so as not to complicate the process of drawing.


Step 1

So, first of all, we create the contours of the crab’s body. In the first step, the crab’s body is very similar to the shape of an eye.

How easy to draw a crab

Step 2

The most memorable part of the crab is, of course, its claws. In this stage, we will draw the arms raised up. Use a few simple and very light lines in this stage.

How to sketch a crab

Step 3

Well, now is the time for the claws themselves. They consist of two parts – a large outer part and a smaller inner one. It is also worth drawing claws using not-so-dark lines.

How to draw an animal

Step 4

Now draw the eyes of the crab. They are very simple both in reality and in our instruction. So, draw two circles and connect them to the body using a few simple lines.

How to depict a crab

Step 5

Now let’s depict the front legs of the crab. They are very simple, as they consist of several simple lines. Do everything as shown in the example below.

How to draw a crab step by step

Step 6

On the sixth stage of the tutorial on how to draw a crab, we create the remaining legs of the crab. They also consist of very simple lines. Please note that all legs should be pointed.

How to draw a crab easy

Step 7

Now let’s add some details to our crab drawing. First of all, depict a winding line crossing the torso horizontally. Next, we divide the limbs of the crab using several transverse lines.

Learn how to draw a crab for beginners

Step 8

Now let’s use an eraser and clean our crab sketch from all that is superfluous. Your crab drawing should now look clear and beautiful, just like in the example drawn by artists.

How to draw a crab easy

Step 9

Let’s give a little more life to the crab picture. Crabs actually come in a variety of colors. For example, we painted the crab in shades of red. But you, of course, can color it in green or even blue.

How to draw a crab

So we gradually but surely got to the afterword of the lesson on how to draw a crab. In this very afterword, we traditionally want to remind you that we are in all social networks and urge you to subscribe so as not to miss anything new from the lessons of drawing.

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