How to Draw a Roaring Tiger

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring

In this drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a tiger, or more precisely, we will show you how to draw a roaring tiger.

Tigers are actually big cats, or rather, the largest cats in the world. But large dimensions are far from the only thing that tigers are so famous for. They are primarily known for their striped black-orange color.

So, what do you need to draw a roaring tiger? You can use either a simple pencil with paper or an electronic drawing tablet. If these art supplies are already in front of you, and you are ready to start, then scroll down the page and start the guide on how to draw a roaring tiger.


Step 1

Start drawing the tiger by depicting three circles. The head is the smallest circle, and the other two are the ribcage and pelvis. There should be a distance approximately equal to the width of the head between the ribcage and pelvis.

how to draw a tiger roaring step by step

Step 2

Using a long, straight line, connect the ribcage and pelvis. Next, continue this line to create the curved tail of the tiger. Use four simple lines to draw the legs of the big striped cat.

how to draw a tiger roaring cartoon

Step 3

Let’s get down to the details now, starting with the head. Firstly, depict the triangular ears. Next, draw round cheeks. They must be very fluffy. Finish this stage by drawing the bottom line of the neck.

how to draw a realistic tiger roaring

Step 4

The tiger has very large and powerful legs, but despite this, they are very similar to the legs of an ordinary domestic cat. Draw them with very smooth lines, orienting on the lines from the second stage.

roaring tiger drawing easy

Step 5

Connect the ribcage and pelvis from below with one simple long line, forming the belly. After that draw the hind legs following the example of how you drew the front legs.

drawing of tiger roaring

Step 6

Use another long and curved line to complete drawing the tail. Now separate the toes from each other using a few short, slightly curved lines.

roaring tiger drawing for kids

Step 7

At the top of the head, depict a couple of evil eyes. Draw the nose just below. Recall that in order to check the proportionality of the sketch, you need to look at it through a mirror.

roaring tiger drawing for beginners

Step 8

Under the nose, draw the outline of the upper lip, which looks like a large letter W written by hand. Under it, draw the lower lip in the form of a large U-shaped line.

roaring tiger drawing step by step

Step 9

Now draw the chin and teeth. Note that the largest teeth in the tiger’s mouth are the upper canines. The lower canines are smaller than the upper ones, and the rest of the teeth are even smaller.

roaring tiger drawing by pencil

Step 10

Now using an eraser, remove all constructive lines from your tiger drawing. Remember to draw the little evil pupils inside each eye. This will immediately bring your tiger drawing to life.

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring step by step

Step 11

So far, our tiger looks like a simple angry cat, but to fix this, we will draw branded stripes all over the body. Keep in mind the curves of the body when drawing these tiger stripes. This will add extra volume to the tiger drawing.

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring images

Step 12

If you did everything correctly, then your tiger drawing will look like what you can see under these lines. Do not forget to check the drawing for any inaccuracies and correct them if necessary.

roaring tiger drawing for beginners by pencil

Step 13

Color most of the tiger’s skin orange. The upper lip, cheeks, chin, lower abdomen, and inner legs should be painted beige or white.

How to Draw a Tiger Roaring

Try to complement the drawing by depicting the surroundings of this big angry cat. You can draw trees, rocks, or other animals around.

If you have already drawn a roaring tiger, and want to practice drawing other animals, then it’s time to go to our category called Animals.

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