How to Draw a Road

how to draw a road

Readers of often asked us to show how to draw a road. If you also wanted to learn how to draw a road, then it’s time to do it.

We decided to draw a winding road that runs along green meadows and heads towards high mountains. But you can replace green meadows with yellow sands, and blue mountains with sand dunes.

So, pick up your favorite pencil, prepare the paper and start the instruction on how to draw a road.


Step 1

To draw the road correctly, you first need to depict a horizon line. You can do this with a ruler, or do without auxiliary items.

how to draw a road easy

Step 2

Now, with the help of two long winding lines, draw the road itself. These two lines should gradually narrow and converge on the horizon from the first stage.

how to draw a road step by step

Step 3

Now depict the mountains, as the artists of did in the example below. You can repeat the line of the mountains as in the sketch below, or come up with your own relief.

how to draw a cartoon road

Step 4

This is probably the easiest stage in the instruction on how to draw a road. Depict another line that goes between the lines from the second stage and repeats their outline exactly.

how to draw a distant road

Step 5

Now temporarily set aside the pencil and take an eraser. You will need it in order to turn the solid center line into a dashed one and clear your road drawing of lines, which we no longer need.

easy way to draw a road

Step 6

In the last stage, we need to paint the road. As we said earlier, you can paint the road in any color and give the artwork any look. You can also add some kind of traffic signs or cars moving along the road.

how to draw a road

We slowly but surely got to the afterword of the guide on how to draw a road. If you want to be able to draw landscapes, visit the eponymous category on the There you will learn how to draw trees, waterfalls and much more.

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