How to Draw a Waterfall

how to draw a waterfall

Throughout its history, mankind has created a large number of different genres of fine art, but one of the most famous in the world is landscape. And it is in this style that this lesson will be about how to draw a waterfall.

Of course, waterfalls come in many different types and forms, but in this guide, we want to show the most basic points that will be useful for drawing any kind of waterfall.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a waterfall from the simplest – draw two simple and not very even lines. The upper line is the upper edge of the waterfall, and the lower line is the lower edge.

how to draw a waterfall easy

Step 2

Now let’s depict the waterfall itself, or rather its contours using two very light lines. Do not try to make these lines perfectly straight and smooth.

how to draw a waterfall landscape

Step 3

This stage will be a little more complicated because here we depict rocks. Try either to repeat everything as in our example or come up with your own form of rocks under the waterfall.

Step 4

At the bottom, depict a foam formed from a drop of water. Around it, outline the pond where water flows from the waterfall.

how to draw and colour a waterfall

Step 5

Let’s give some live our waterfall by sketching some grass around it. You can draw grass, as in the example, drawn by the artists of, or add some kind of trees.

how to draw a picture of a waterfall

Step 6

Now, using a series of vertical lines, create the texture of the water flowing down. Next, create diverging waves around the falling water. At the top add some more grass.

how to draw a waterfall easy step by step

Step 7

Now prepare your favorite pencils, paints or felt-tip pens to paint the waterfall. Paint the water in light blue, the rock in gray and the grass in shades of green.

how to draw a waterfall

As we said in the introduction, this instruction contains the basic principles of drawing waterfalls. So, try to draw this wonderful natural phenomenon of some other shape using the steps that you observed above.

Also try adding some additional trees, animals, or people that are at your painted cascade. Go to other pages of and see what else you can add to your landscape drawing to revitalize it and make it even more interesting.

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