How to Draw a Potato

how to draw a potato

We have long been thinking about what could be the simplest drawing instruction? And then we decided to create an instruction on how to draw a potato.

This guide will definitely be one of the easiest on the This super simple instruction will consist of only three elementary stages, in each of which we highlighted the lines in red. We do this so that the novice artist does not get entangled in the line. Although we are sure that it will be very difficult to get lost in three stages, the last of which will be on how to color a potato.

So, what do you need in order to draw a potato? You can use pencils with paper, a graphics tablet, or even your iPad or other tablets.


Step 1

To draw a potato, depict an oval. This oval does not have to be perfectly even and smooth because you rarely see a potato that is perfectly even like a coconut. It is also not necessary to repeat the appearance of the potato as in the example drawn by the artists of, just depict an uneven and slightly tuberous oval.

how to draw a potato step by step

Step 2

So far, our potato looks like a stone, right? So let’s give our potato drawing a more appropriate look. To do this, you need to depict a large number of potato eyes using small C-shaped lines. In addition, you can depict a stalk on the tip, but we decided to do it without this detail.

how to draw a potato easy

Step 3

We quickly got to the last stage of the instruction on how to draw a potato. It was fantastically simple, wasn’t it? It remains only to paint the potato to make it more beautiful and aesthetic. You can color the potatoes either light brown or reddish-brown. For even more realism and volume, you can add some shadows to your potato artwork.

how to draw a potato

So, dear artists and readers of, was this instruction really the simplest of those that you saw? We have no doubt that now you know how to draw a potato. Write to us if you want to see something even simpler than what you saw above.

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