How to Draw a Coconut

how to draw a coconut

As the name implies, creates very simple drawing instructions. And as part of such instructions, today we will show how to draw a coconut.

In fact, drawing a coconut is very easy. This delicious exotic nut is drawn using very light and simple lines, and below you will see how simple it is.

In order to start drawing a coconut, you will need your favorite set of artists, whether it be a pencil with paper or a graphics tablet. So, if everything is ready, then let’s plunge into the process of creating a work of art!


Step 1

Depict a large, smooth oval with thin and translucent lines. Sketch an oval the size you want your coconut to be. By the way, with a similar oval, we began our instruction on how to draw a watermelon.

how to draw a coconut easy

Step 2

Depict three ovals as the artists of did. To make your coconut drawing look more realistic, do not make them too even. By the way, at this stage your nut sketch looks more like a bowling ball, doesn’t it?

how to draw a coconut step by step

Step 3

Now let’s create a coconut texture using a large number of hair-like lines. These lines should not be straight. They grow from the central part and diverge throughout the coconut, as shown in the sketch from

how to draw a coconut step by step easily

Step 4

So, the time has come for the finishing touches to make the coconut drawing as beautiful as possible. Compare your artwork with ours. If everything is in good, and you think that your coconut sketch does not need improvements, then go to the final stage.

how to draw a coconut tree easily

Step 5

Coconuts are most often brown. Therefore, take colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens of this noble color and paint the coconut. By the way, the three ovals should be slightly darker than the rest of the coconut. For greater aesthetics and volume, you can add some shadows.

how to draw a coconut

As you’ve already seen, it’s super easy to learn how to draw a coconut. If this instruction seemed too complicated, be sure to write to us about it.

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