How to Draw a Watermelon

how to draw a watermelon

Watermelon is a very simple subject for drawing, and you will be convinced of this in this tutorial on how to draw a watermelon. In fact, a watermelon is an oval, not always correctly shaped, with the appropriate texture and stem. One way or another, let’s get down to the lesson itself and see for ourselves.


Step 1

So, let’s start drawing a watermelon with a simple oval. It is not necessary to repeat the oval exactly as in our example, you can make it more round or long. It is also not necessary to make the lines perfectly smooth.

how to draw a watermelon step by step

Step 2

In this stage, a figure resembling a balloon will become like a fruit (or a berry, because watermelon belongs to this category). To do this, let’s depict the stem of the watermelon with a pair of uneven and light lines.

Step 3

The most memorable and characteristic in a watermelon is, of course, its texture. Let’s create this texture using a large number of long winding lines. These lines should begin in the area of the stem and diverge along the watermelon.

how to draw a cute and easy watermelon

Step 4

Use an eraser to delete all unnecessary guidelines from the watermelon sketch. Using a darker pencil, ink, or pen, trace the artwork, making it darker, sharper, and more beautiful. Compare your fruit drawing with ours, if everything matches, and you do not see a mistake, then proceed to the last stage of the guide on how to draw a watermelon.

how to draw a beautiful watermelon

Step 5

Let’s paint the watermelon. Paints, colored pencils or felt-tip pens are perfectly suitable for these purposes. Paint the watermelon’s body light green and dark green, alternating between these two shades. Paint the stem brown. Due to the fact that there are different types of watermelons, you can also color it in black-green.

how to draw a watermelon

Drawing a watermelon is incredibly easy, isn’t it? The team of thinks that even the most novice artist who has read our article about drawing this fruit could easily cope with this simple task.

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