How to Draw a Pie

How to draw a pie

We all love to eat sweet pies, and many also want to learn how to draw a pie. And as part of our Food category, we just want to show you how to draw a pie.

Regardless of the filling of the pie, the basic principles of drawing this dessert will remain unchanged. By tradition, we divided this article into several simple stages, highlighting each new stage with red lines for maximum simplicity and convenience for our readers.

So, if your favorite art tools are ready, you can start the process of drawing a pie.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a pie with a simple oval. Try to make this oval the most even and symmetrical. To check the symmetry, you can look at your sketch through the mirror. By the way, our previous articles about a cup and a donut began with a similar oval.

How to draw a pie easy

Step 2

Inside the first oval, draw another one, but smaller. It should repeat the shape of the oval from the first stage, with the exception that it should not be so wide horizontally.

How to Draw a Tasty Pie

Step 3

In this stage of the instruction on how to draw a pie, we will finish shaping the look of this beautiful dessert. To do this, accurately depict the bottom, as shown in our example.

Drawing a cartoon pie

Step 4

Let’s create the texture of the pie. Let’s start with the rim that surrounds the entire pie in a circle. Create texture using a large number of transverse lines.

how to draw a apple pie

Step 5

Now let’s get into the texture on the top surface of the pie. To do this, sketch a large number of intersecting lines at an acute angle.

how to draw a pie step by step

Step 6

Now let’s clear the pie drawing. Take an eraser and carefully remove all unnecessary guidelines from the artwork, making it clean and neat.

how to draw a cartoon pie

Step 7

To give your pie picture a more lively and voluminous view, we will add colors. Paint the dough a sand orange color and the filling pink. We chose this color because we love cherry pie, but of course, you can color the filling in any other color.

How to draw a pie

If the instruction on how to draw a pie is to your taste, be sure to study our entire drawing “menu” from the Food category and learn how to draw a wide variety of dishes, from apple to hot dog. Do not forget that the skills acquired in this and other lessons from the Food category can be very useful for you if you want to draw a still life.

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