How to Draw a Monkey

how to draw a monkey

In this super simple ten-stage instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a monkey easy and quick.

Since humans and monkeys are the closest relatives, they are drawn very similarly. But of course, there are differences that we will talk about in the instruction on how to draw a monkey.


Step 1

Firstly, depict the skeleton of the monkey. Portray the head, chest and pelvis in the form of balls or ovals. Then depict the spine that goes into the long tail and limbs. Arms must be slightly longer than legs.

how to draw a monkey step by step

Step 2

So, starting from this stage we will depict the details in the monkey drawing using clearer lines. Portray a profile including a powerful superciliary arch and a jaw protruding forward.

how to draw a monkey easy

Step 3

Now depict a huge ear, cheekbone line, frowning eye and nostril. Remember to connect the head to your chest, creating a neck.

how to draw a monkey for kids

Step 4

Now, using a few long lines, depict the monkey’s long arms. The arms of the monkey are quite similar to the arms of an ordinary human.

how to draw a monkey easy step by step

Step 5

Now depict the hands. They are also very similar to the hands of an ordinary person, but with the difference that the fingers are significantly longer because it helps to climb trees.

how to draw a monkey easily

Step 6

Now let’s sketch the legs of the primate. Start with the upper legs, then portray the legs and finish the legs with the feet.

how to draw a monkey by steps

Step 7

Using a short line, connect the lower chest to the pelvis, creating an abdomen. Using another line, complete the long tail.

how to draw a basic monkey

Step 8

In the eighth stage of the instruction on how to draw a monkey, our task will be very simple – here we only need to get rid of the auxiliary lines.

how to draw a monkey draw so cute

Step 9

The last stage, which means it’s time for us to paint the monkey. You can paint it either light brown or some other color because the colors of primates are very diverse.

how to draw a monkey

Our instructions on portraying animals are very simple, and in the instruction on how to draw a monkey, this can be seen clearly. Also remember that the team of is really looking forward to your comments. So be free to write us your thoughts and wishes, because we read everything that you write and respond to many comments.

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