How to Draw a Grenade

how to draw a grenade

Do you like to draw weapons? If so, today the team of will show you how to draw a grenade easy and very quick. The fact is that a category called Weapons is very popular on, and our readers constantly ask us to create different instructions regarding this category. We are against all violence, but we love to paint everything in the world, so we show how to draw grenades, arrows, and pistols.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a grenade with a simple oval. Try to make it even and proportional, so that in the future you do not encounter the fact that the grenade turns out to be uneven.

how to draw a grenade easy

Step 2

In the upper part of the oval create a square geometric figure. By the way, his detail is called fuze, but we hope that this knowledge will not be useful to you outside the scope of drawing.

how to draw a grenade step by step

Step 3

Now let’s depict the safety lever. This part covers the fuse from above, and from the side, it reaches the middle of the grenade’s body.

how to draw a hand grenade

Step 4

It’s a rather complicated stage because here we have to depict two perfect ovals. With these two ovals, we will create a pull ring.

how to draw a cartoon grenade

Step 5

A grenade can have both a smooth body and a ribbed one. In this example, the team of will add a bit of texture by sketching two vertical and seven horizontal lines. These lines should be depicted taking into account the curvature of the body of the grenade.

how to draw a hand grenade step by step

Step 6

Let’s paint the grenade now. You can colorize it both in a standard military green color and in any other. They are black, gray, yellow and generally any color. You can use paints, felt-tip pens, colored pencils or brushes of the corresponding color if you draw on a graphics tablet.

how to draw a grenade

All that has a beginning has an end. And the instruction on how to draw a grenade is no exception. Share it with those who also want to be able to draw and subscribe to us in social networks, we are in all of them.

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