How to Draw a Fly

how to draw a fly

The readers of wrote to us a long time ago to create an instruction on how to draw a fly. So, the guide is in front of you, and it’s time to scroll the page down and learn how to draw a fly easily and quickly.


Step 1

Firstly, portray a head in the form of a ball and a body in the form of a simple oval. The lines of the first stages should be light and loose.

how to draw a fly easy

Step 2

Use darker and sharper lines since this stage. Now, using two large ovals, portray the large eyes. After that, depict the front part of the face of the fly.

how to draw a fly step by step easy

Step 3

Now depict the wings, as the artists of did in the image below. The sketch with each stage becomes more and more like a drawing of a fly, right?

how to draw a cute fly

Step 4

Here with the help of long and dark lines, depict the legs of the fly. You can also depict thin short hairs on the legs.

how to draw a fly easy step by step

Step 5

Now use an eraser to wipe off all the guidelines from the fly drawing to get a clean and aesthetic work of art.

fly drawing step by step

Step 6

Now go to the wings and portray a large number of veins, as did the artists of in the image below these words.

fly drawing simple

Step 7

Now it’s time to paint the fly. You can paint the fly in the colors shown in the example of below, or use a different color palette that is more pleasant for you.

how to draw a fly

So, could you learn how to draw a fly with this instruction? If you liked this instruction, then be sure to try to portray other living things, such as a cheetah or dinosaur. In addition, subscribe to on social networks, write your opinion and share your artworks.

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