How to Draw a Flower

how to draw a flower

Are you looking for a super simple instruction on how to draw a flower? If so, then you have found exactly what you were looking for! With this easy instruction, consisting of nine elementary stages, you will learn how to draw a flower easy and very quick. We painted all the new lines of each stage in red and wrote the most understandable and detailed description.

Step 1

Firstly, depict a simple oval, which in the future will turn into a bud. Do not try to make the oval too dark and clear, because in the future we will erase most of this geometric figure.

how to draw a flower step by step

Step 2

Using two parallel lines, depict a flower stalk. All flowers are drawn approximately the same, despite the fact that at first glance they can look completely different. To make sure of this, compare this instruction with the instruction about a rose.

how to draw a flower for kids

Step 3

Let’s start creating petals. First, depict the outer petals using simple lines, as did the artists of in the example below.

how to draw a flower draw so cute

Step 4

Continue to depict the petals. We now turn to the inner petals, which are drawn in exactly the same way as those that we depicted in the third stage.

how to draw a flower easy step by step

Step 5

In this stage, we finish drawing the flower bud. Here we will need to depict the innermost petals, following the example of those that we depicted in the previous two stages.

how to draw a flower easy for beginners

Step 6

A very simple stage consisting of two short lines. Depict them at an angle to create the bottom of the branches.

how to draw a flower easy and beautiful

Step 7

Now create two leaves, each of which consists of two lines. First, these lines diverge closer to the center of the leaf, then again converge at an acute angle at the tip of the leaf.

how to draw a flower easy way

Step 8

Let’s move on to erasing. Using a rubber, wipe off all guidelines from the flower artwork. Next, you can make the flower’s picture a little clearer and more aesthetic by tracing it with a darker pencil or ink.

how to draw a flower easy tutorial

Step 9

Let’s paint the flower to give it a more beautiful and voluminous look. The stem and leaves should be painted green. You can paint the bud in any color that you consider necessary. As you can see, we have chosen the color purple, but you can make the bud red, yellow, and even black.

how to draw a flower

Using this tut on how to draw a flower, you can depict absolutely any flower. As we said earlier, despite the different appearance, these plants have approximately the same drawing structure.

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